Saturday, November 02, 2013

STOP - who cares about bullies in Football.

This is not a school.   This is not the local playground.   This is not the office where accounting or other services are done.   This is not a fast food establishment, or grocery store or a retail outlet.   This is a football team, where gladiators and real men who play a game for purposes of establishing physical and strategic dominance work and play.  These are some of the toughest men in our country. 

Let this story die.   It is completely ridiculous to worry about pranksters and hazing of football players.   It IS football. 

Have you ever heard the trash talking of an athlete - if that nonsense happened in any other industry, it would be unacceptable - but this is professional sports - where only the elite athletes get the chance to show their wares.

NFLPA - go do something constructive like negotiate multifaceted heath plan for all retired players.  That is a better use of your resources and is more in line with your purpose.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Martin & a Great Win & Referees

3 Things:

    I happened to catch a round table discussion on Fox News (no less) about Baby Martin and his leaving the team because he was being bullied.   If that is really the reason he left, good riddance.   We want tough men who get popped in the mouth and come right back to fight fight fight.   This is a mental thing.  Only people who let fear get the better of them allow someone else's words or actions get in the way of your core belief in yourself.  Say I was trying to protect my (team) family or friends - I don't care if Mike Tyson at his peak knocked me around, I would have gotten back up to beat that dude.   He would have had to knock me out if I was trying to protect my family or friends from  him - because nothing would have stopped me from going back for more.    It is just the way I am wired.    All football players need to be wired that way as well.     

And, Philbin, STFU about bullying.   Who gives a crap about that.   This is a gladiator sport.  If you can't take some mental or physical crap at this level, you are in the wrong profession. 

So, if it turns out that Jonathan Martin is weak minded - let him move onto his medical career, because we don't want mamby-pamby weak-ass players on this team.  Good Luck and goodbye.   I personally hope it was something else and he comes back strong and ready to kick ass!

    That was a nice win Thursday night.   I kept telling my friends all game long we would win.    I never doubted them.   And, to be honest, the backup O-Lineman were pretty good.  They continued to make holes to run through.   AND, they did "okay" in pass protection.  I mean another 4 sacks, but hey... we won.  ...And the defense withstood 93 plays to win.   That is just amazing!   Great Job D!  Those last couple stops after being worn to a nub was flat-out astonishing.   It was a team win yes, but I tip my cap to the D.

     Okay, the officiating is just horrible.   The NFL better figure out why we are being targeted by these officials.   This week was almost as bad as last week.  I don't get it.  This group of professional football players do not deserve to be targeted with such blatantly biased flag (and non-flag) throwing.  Get your act together NFL.

What A Crazy Week In Sports

We may never see this many weird endings to games in the time span of just one week again as long as we live.

First, a World Series game ends with an obstruction call.

Then another World Series game ends with a pick off.

And finally, an NFL game ends with a walk off safety.

Just when you thought you've seen everything we have a crazy week like this.

Thanks to my friend and fellow Dolfan, Tom Caswell, for bringing this to my attention.

Phins up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

She Ain't Pretty But She's My Lover

Put a big "W" in the books. Another notch on our belts.

After playing defense the entire 3rd quarter, book ending Grimes long return for a Pick Six, the Dolphins found a way to pull out a game that appeared like it might be another disappointing loss.

It seemed like the Dolphins were going to Trick us all again by blowing another 14 point lead for the second game in a row. Instead, we wound up with a tasty Treat as the Dolphins remained undefeated at 6-0 in Holloween games.

Congrats to the players, coaches and the fans who stayed up into the next day to witness another story book finish.

Call Cam Wake "Mr. November"! His safety just after midnight gave us an ugly OT victory and new hope for the rest of the season.

Let's enjoy the next 10 days.

Phins up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Johnny o interview

Since tonight belongs to him, here once again is the ultimate Johnny o interview (he said so himself)
Dave and Mike talk with John

Congrats to Johnny O.

Let's Get Fired Up For John Offerdahl

Lost in all the hootin' and hollarin' about player walkouts, coaching blowups and player-coach conflicts is the great distinction about to be bestowed upon John Offerdahl, who is being inducted into the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll during tonight's halftime presentation.

Drafted in the 2nd round of 1986 with the 52nd overall pick out of Western Michigan, Offerdahl started his very distinguished career by being named to 5 straight Pro Bowls including being selected First Team All Pro in his rookie year as well as in 1990.  Needless to say, in 1986, he was also voted as the NFL's Rookie of the Year.  Now that's getting things kick started!

Guess who was drafted right before Offerdahl at 51???  The Giants took Julius Peppers out of Ohio State.  There's a good bar argument about who got the better guy. 

Offerdahl now joins only 2 other linebackers enshrined on the Dolphin's Honor Roll,  Nick Bouniconti and Zach Thomas.  That's pretty damn good company.  And well deserved of Offerdahl.

Injuries cut his career short otherwise he might be heading to Canton.

I am sure he will be joined by many other enshrinees and his former teammates and coaches on the field for the ceremony. 

Now give me a minute here:  when I first saw our schedule, I figured we would be 2-3 after the first 5 games and then I thought we would split the next two by beating Buffalo and losing to New England, which would put us at 3-4. 

Sound familiar, 3-4.

So why are we all panicking...Including Me!!

This is where I thought we would be anyway, 3-4.

So I am gonna make a promise to John Offerdahl.  For the next 5 hours ( it is currently 3:40 PM EST ),  I am gonna be "Dolphin Tough"!

That's right, "Dolphin Tough".  We got "Jersey Strong" going on up here since Hurricane Sandy and since we got some storms brewing in Miami with, well, you know.....

So let's all be "Dolphin Tough" tonight and put all this bullshit on the side, raise a cheer or toast or both to John Offerdahl for all he has meant to our franchise and support this new batch of players wearing OUR COLORS!

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As If We Don't Have Enough Problems Already

What else can go wrong?  Let's see, maybe we could misplace the footballs.

Can the timing be any better? Can we get a handle on things in South Florida already!

Philbin has gotta be pulling his hair out right about now.

Ireland has gotta be wondering if they missed something in vetting Jonathan Martin prior to last years draft.

Ross has gotta be sharpening the axe.

This is turning into quite the soap opera down there.  "All My Linemen" or "As The Roster Turns".

Now it appears to me for a grown man to slam down his lunch tray and storm out of work, he either doesn't like his job or has some emotional issue that truly needs resolving.

Another lineman has some sort of ties to a murder suspect.

You can watch this kind of shit on Bravo!

For heavens sake, aren't we a football team?

Is this some sort of Mischief Night prank?

Tell me there is toilet paper strewn through the palms. Tell me they soaped up the coaches' cars.

I cannot believe this is actually happening.

Well it could be worse.  I just don't know how.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

There Will Be "NO CANDY" After 8 PM Tomorrow Night!

Let the word go forth to Goblins and Gouls alike, to Spidermen and Princesses galore, that the Police tape is going up on my sidewalk at 8 PM Holloween night, with a big neon sign bearing the words that all generations shall take pause, "NO CANDY"!

That's right. This year I am saving some bucks by not giving out any candy after 8 PM.

Its not like I am the Holloween Scrooge. Oh no. I happen to adore Holloween. The kids are so polite and thankful. I like to give out mini bars of Snickers, Almond Joys, Milky Ways, Butter Fingers and Reese's.  The kids never complain.

But this year will be different.  I am drawing the line at 8 PM.  Even though I adore seeing the kids dressed to the "T"s as their favorite characters, there is one thing I adore even more.  And unfortunately for those wonderful kids, they are not even a close second.  Its a blow out!

I am sorry but I absolutely love the Miami Dolphins!  More than anything else, other than my Mom and family.  And even that is a tight race.

If my best friend, who happens to be a fan of whomever we are playing that week, needed my left kidney immediately or he would die and the Dolphins were playing at that moment, I would certainly call his Mom and offer to speak at his funeral.

Come tomorrow night, we host the Cincinnati Bengals with a kick off scheduled for 8:25 PM on the NFL Network up here in Jersey.  So that means at 8 PM sharp the Police tape goes up and there shall be no good souls within earshot of me.  I will require no distractions.  

Yes, I know, I can put some candy outside in a bucket or large tupperware bowl with a sign "Take One".  But guess what?  Then I will hear them coming up the sidewalk and, more importantly, they will be able to hear me.

Depending on how this game goes, I could very well be shouting obscentities at the TV the very moment that adoreable Cinderella reaches for that tempting Snickers bar.  No parent wants their little kids joyously traversing my walkway only to have to grab them and haul them away because they think some nut job lives inside.  Which can actually happen, again, depending on how this game goes.

So for the children's sake, I will not give them any treats after 8 PM.

Thank God I don't live on the West Coast, because then this game would be starting at 5:25 PM.  Peak Trick or Treat hours commencing at kickoff!!

I would have to move.  I kid you not.  Pull up the Van Lines trailer, wheel out the furniture and point her east immediately!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Soccer in South Florida

This has basically to do with the dolphins. And yet it does, in a way.

I read an article that David Beckham has been awarded an MLS (ie soccer) franchise in Miami. And hey, that's great, but I'm sure you're asking - who cares?

What struck me was that he will be looking to build a stadium to play in. Yes, you read that right. He wants to build a stadium. So, you have the Marlins park (baseball, but big enough to host soccer), the Heat arena (basketball), the Panthers arena (hockey), Tropical Park (a small-ish football stadium) and Lockhart stadium (where the Strikers NASL soccer team plays), and a place you may have heard of called Dolphins stadium, which has been trying for years to host professional soccer.

But he wants to build another one. Because, you know, there's always a need for another single-purpose stadium that would undoubtedly be built with taxpayer dollars.

Mike Pouncey

This Pouncey thing is interesting in an odd way. What we do know is that he and Aaron Hernandez were friends in college, and Pouncey wore a "Free Hernandez" hat shortly after his arrest. We also hear that they would hang out at times during the offseason, being friends and all.

We also know that Pouncey was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury regarding the Hernandez case. We don't know about what, specifically, but there appear to be a lot of questions about his dealings and what he knows, so it stands to reason that it may go further than the single murder investigation (as if that wasn't bad enough). Speculation runs rampant on what Pouncey might be involved in or know.

But equally puzzling was the way he was served: two police men waited outside the dolphins locker room after the game in Foxborough. They blocked any dolphins rep from getting near Pouncey and served him - in view of the media. Its strange, and possibly for publicity. But it could also be that if they had asked to do it privately that the dolphins would have made it difficult and it may have had to happen in it may mean nothing at all.

We know Pouncey stayed in town and hired a lawyer, and will be returning again to give testimony. The dolphins and Pouncey will not comment on it.

So for the moment it remains a small distraction. Will it become a bigger one? Will it become more than simply a distraction? Time will tell....

You can't jump to a conclusion here, but it is strange.

Clarifying who's who (and what's what)

Hi everyone...I saw a comment on an earlier post about who Bitchin' Dave is. And well, I am he.

I have had this website for about 15 years, and was probably the original blogger in the Miami Dolphins space. My attitude about the team changed over the years, and at some point it became decidedly more negative (dang the truth hurt sometimes!) I stopped being the primary contributor, and instead post sometimes about general issues - or if I see something that I want to call attention to.

But the site has some notoriety, so I thought rather than let it languish, I'd invite others to post their thoughts about the team. You'll see Carl, the Mad Dolphan, Richard, and a few others post at times. Just check the tag line to see who wrote the article.

There are some good, informative posts that I think make this site richer and more interesting than just me posting about my grandmother (eyes roll). So please enjoy, and feel free to comment on any posts you see.

Cheers, Dave

Did My Brethren In Stripes Make The Right Calls?

The internet has been a buzz with discussions and opinions about the 3 controversial penalties called against our defense that led to New England scoring 13 points.   No doubt they came at critical moments and extended Patriot drives that culminated in our utlimate demise.

Before I examine the penalties in question, let me share a brief summary of my resume as a football official and a synopsis of types of officials' penalties.  Afterward, if you are interested, you can continue reading about where football officials come from and how they get to the NFL. And if you have further interest, I can help you start to become a football official yourself.  We are in need of good young officials.

I am a member of the New Jersey Football Officials Association and, as such, I am approved by the New Jersey Insterscholastic Athletic Association to officiate high football games in the state of New Jersey, which I  have been actively participating in since 1990.  I have been assigned to our state playoffs for the past 20 years, having officiated our state finals 2 of the past 6 years, including a double overtime final last season.
I have been our crew chief for 22 years and take the Referee position which is the official in the white hat.  My chief responsibility is to manage the game and protect the quarterbacks and kickers.  I have also been assigning football officials in Central Jersey for the past 18 years.  Which means that schools give me their schedules and say "Carl, get me good officials".  So I have a pretty good understanding of what causes penalties and, more importantly, why they are called.

Why Penalties Are Called:
The first rule of thumb you learn to incorporate as an official on any level is Advantage/Disadvantage.  Once you get an clear understanding and ability to apply this to the consequences of action, you can be easily accepted by coaches, players, assignors, fellow officials and fans for that matter.  This is the key to success as an official.  Did one players actions cause an unfair advantage and/or place the opponent at an unfair disadvantage within the rules of the game?

"There is holding on every play."  I am sure you have heard that before.  And quite frankly, there isn't.  But when it does occur, did the offensive hold cause the defensive player to be at an unfair disadvantage? Did it impede his progress to the ball carrier?  And is the defensive player attempting to get away from the hold?  The most common penalty for holding that is called is at the point of attack on a running play or a take down on a passing play.  I will see a right tackle hold on a sweep around the left end.  Should I flag that? No, its not at the point of attack.  I will just tell that player to not do that and he will know I am watching for that in the future.

Teams are also coaching their players on how to draw penalties.  Defensive linemen are now attacking an interior lineman's biceps on an extended arm and then holding that arm across their chest with their interior forearm to make it look like holding.  I kid you not.

Some penalties have to be called no matter when or where they are.  These deal with player saftey issues such as grasping the face mask, roughing the passer/kicker/holder/snapper, blocking below the waist, horse collar and personal fouls.  Others are left to the officials judgement as to whether or not they effected the play and caused an unfair advantage.

Before calling any penalty, officials are schooled to see the entire action from start to finish.  If they catch only the end of an action, they are taught not to throw the flag. Hence, "See the entire play."   Each official is responsible for watching certain players prior to and at the snap.  As the play develops they may need to switch responsibilities and, because of this, football officials are assigned as crews.  Thus, they learn how to work as a team and try, as best they can, to get things right.

Please keep in mind, that officials are human too.  Susceptible to mistakes and human frailty.  We are not machines nor computers.  We love the game and try, as best as we can, to not take the game away from the players.   

Classifications of Penalties Called:
The Cadillac Call - a penalty that everyone can view as a clear penalty, no argument on this one
The Judgement Call - can go either way
The Phantom Call - where did that one come from, a late flag can cause this interpretation

As a crew chief, I remind our crew every game during our pregame, that we are looking to call only cadillac calls.  That's it.  Anything else, that is not a safety issue, we pass on.  So now you have a little understanding of where I come from and now lets see if we can read off the same page.

Play # 1 In Question:
2nd Quarter 6:09 on clock, New England ball, 3rd and 6 from their 46 yard line.  Brady throws a pass to Gronkowski running a post pattern from the slot.  Jimmy Wilson steps in front of Gronkowski and knocks down the pass with no contact.  That's what we all saw, yet the Side Judge flags Wilson for a DPI, defensive pass interference. 

How can he call that? The rules in the NFL do not allow any defensive back from undercutting the route of a receiver and impeding his progress to the ball.  At the start of the play, the Side Judge's responsibility is the widest receiver on his side.  If he goes deep, he stays with him.  If he takes a short route and the interior receiver goes deep, then he switches responsiblities with Head Linesman and takes the slot receiver, Gronkowski in this scenario.  This play happens in less then 6 seconds, of which the Side Judge has only 3 seconds to make the read and then refocus on Gronkowski and make the call/no call on the play. 

What he probably saw and what took me 6 replays of the play to finally see was Gronkowski stumbling for two steps immediately after the undercut by Wilson, which gave the impression of creating a disadvantage towards Gronkowski and most certainly influenced the call.

Final analysis:  Judgement Call and the Side Judge will get a film of it to review but I believe he should have passed on this one.

Play # 2 In Question:
3rd Quarter :48 on the clock, New Engalnd ball, 3rd and 5 from our 35 yard line.  Brady backs out of the pocket and forces a throw to Gronkowski in triple coverage on the right side of the field.  A late flag is thrown by the Side Judge for defensive holding against Pattersen on the left side of the formation.

What the Side Judge and I saw, after reviewing the tape, was Pattersen contacting the receiver, Dobson, within five yards of the line of scrimmage with his hands on Dobson's sholders, which is legal.  However, as Pattersen pulls his right arm down and behind his back, Dobson's left sholder drops forward waist high and he falls to the ground on his left side.  This is defensive holding whether it is within 5 yards or not.  You can contact a receiver within 5 yards but you can not grasp him. Brady never looks his way during the play.  And the flag comes in late.

Final Analysis: Phantom Call. Why the flag came in late? I do not know why.  Sometimes you just cannot get the damn thing out of your pocket.  I kid you not.  Some officials tuck them inside their belts in front of them and still cannot find them.  But that flag was way late.

Play # 3 In Question:
4th Quarter 9:09 on the clock, New England ball, 2nd and 7 from our 23 yard line.  Brady drops back to pass and as he shuffles to his left he is stripped of the ball from behind and Vernon, lying on the ground sweeps at the ball with his left arm extended and knocks the ball down the field to our 45 yard line where their big galoot beats our big galoot to recover the ball.  The Line Judge flags Vernon for Illegal Batting of the ball.

Illegal Batting isn't one of your run of the mill penalties that we see called week after week.  I cannot remember even calling it myself.  Basically, the offensive team cannot bat a backwards pass towards their goal line and neither team can bat any grounded loose ball towards their goal.  The defense may bat a grounded kick away from their goal as when they attempt to stop a punt from going into the end zone.

What the Line Judge saw and what I saw immediately was the ball rolling in front of Vernon, who was lying on his belly, with # 61, Offensive Tackle Marcus Cannon, closing in and reaching for the ball with 2 hands. As Cannon falls towards the recovery, Vernon knocks the ball away and towards our goal.  When they announced a flag was thrown, I yelled out "They can't be calling Illegal Batting, not now!!"

Final Analysis: Officials do not incorporate player intent other than Unnecessary Roughness Calls or fighting.  I believe Vernon was just trying to grab the ball, however, since Cannon was about to fall on the ball, his action is viewed as creating an unfair advantage by batting the ball towards his own goal and away from Cannon.  Cadillac Call, even though it may be the rarest of penalties called.

Whether you agree with me or not, I have heard it all from the stands and sidelines in 24 years of officiating and some of them are pretty funny. 

We Need Good Young Officials:
If you have any interest in becoming an official, you can continue reading and I will be willing to help you in this endeavor. My email address is below.

How to become an official:
Start at the high School Level
Must be 18 years of age and out of High School.
Should be in decent shape to start.
Apply through the State Association where you live.
Attend Cadet Training Classes.
Pass a written exam.

In New Jersey, you apply to the before March of 2014. 
We have 2 cadet training programs;
1 year plan begins classes in May and meets once a week until beginning of December when you take State Exam.
2 year plan begins classes in August and meets once a week during football season only and you take State Exam after your second year.

You begin officiating games immediately on the Pop Warner, Junior High School and Sub Varsity Levels.
You cannot do Varsity Football until you pass the exam.  You get paid to officiate games on all levels.
If you love the game, its a great part time job, but you need to be available to officiate the games.
Sub Varsity and Junior High games start at 4 PM Monday-Friday and Saturday morning at 9 AM
Varsity games start on Friday at 7 PM and Saturday at 1 PM
Pop Warner games start Saturday nights at 6 PM for 2 games and Sundays at 10 AM for 3-5 games

If you start while attending College, you have a great shot at reaching the NFL. If you start just after college you have a good shot and should be able to get to NCAA by 30 years old.

Where NFL officials come from:
After 5 years in NCAA, you can apply to the NFL.  They look for D1 officials first. They review all who apply.

Where NCAA officials come from:
After 5 years or 50 High School Varsity Football games you can apply.  If they need officials and you are sellected you start doing Sub Varsity and Division 3 games.  You work your way up by attending officials camps and getting noticed by assignors for certain leagues.

Where High School Officials come from:
People like you who kept reading. 
This is a great opportunity to earn some extra money and enjoy yourself too.  In New Jersey you will make $60 for a sub varsity and lower game and $85 for a varsity game. You can do about 10-12 games a week if you want to.
I have a young man on my crew as an alternate who is a sophomore at Rutgers.  He would have to flip alot of burgers to make $60 in an hour and a half.  He will have his 50 Varsity games under his belt by the time he graduates Colllege.  The following year he will apply to the NCAA and minimum $200 a game at low level plus his high school and pop warner games.  By 35 he will be doing Division 1 making $1,000 a game minimum plus the others. By 45 he will be in the NFL starting at $3,000 per game but you cannot do any other games once you get to the NFL.  NFL veteran officials make $10,000+ per game.  NCAA and NFL officials must make a decent living elsewhere.  They do not want this as your main source of income.

Again, you should love the game.  This is not a good job to be just a fan as you do have the worst seat in the house since you have to watch your zone only during the play.  But it is very exciting on Friday nights under the lights with 3000 people booing you!           

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Monday, October 28, 2013

I protest! That was theft at the highest level...

Dear NFL,

Your officials collectively have stolen our victory over the New England Patriots.   I have seen bad calls now go against the Miami Dolphins for 25 years in excess of one standard deviation from the mean based on league averages of blown calls.  

I am coming over to the side of the conspiracists who have stated for many years that Miami's Perfect Season has caused a hatred of our franchise by the North Eastern Media that is second to none - as if Miami was unworthy of perfection because they were a young franchise at the time.

We can beat other teams in a fair fight, but Sunday last was an obvious official decision to steal that game...

Thank you NFL for your fair and impartial officiating.  It is nice to know that everyone plays by the same rules.


As a Florida State alum, I must tell all of the Canes fans now.   FSU WILL run the score up on you because it will matter when the final BCS poll is released.   Florida ST must kill you to have any chance at Alabama.   I am hoping you win every other game (and stay highly ranked, so that when FSU plays UM in the ACC Championship Game, the Seminoles will get more BCS points.

I am not a UM hater!   I want you to beat everyone else.    But, FSU is my school - and is where my loyalties reside.

Dez Bryant or Mike Wallace?

I was listening to the radio on my way back to college after the Dolphins game and it gave me a little time to ponder some things. I was listening in and I heard Dez Bryant was seen yelling and complaining on the sidelines twice. And my initial thought was wow he is really immature and a diva. Then I watched the footage and thought well I can see where he is coming from. This is a guy who wants to win games and he knows they needed to throw him the ball in order to help the offense. I wouldn't mind having a Dez Bryant on the Dolphins who cares that much, although I would want veteran leadership around him and for someone to cool him off if that were to happen so it wouldn't be out of control. I like that he fights for the ball and is physical. This is why I liked Brandon Gibson and I believe he is a huge loss. He fought for the ball and always gave Tannehill a chance. I wish I could say the same about Wallace.

I really want Wallace to go up and fight for a ball. And I know this is not the type of player he is but the routes the coaches are making him do are slants and it causes him to be a possession receiver. Now either one or two things need to change. Either they design other routes for Wallace which revolves around plays where he gets the ball uncontested and he could do his thing or they get a new receiver who is a possession receiver. Wallace shows flashes on plays where no one is around him when he catches the ball or when he blows past a defense, but not when he is contested because then more likely than not it will be incomplete. He was targeted 10 times and had a total of 3 catches. That is pretty bad. Some of it is on Wallace and some of it is on the coaches. Why is it that when the Patriots kept bringing the blitz and you knew they would blitz we don't run any screen plays, except for that one screen play that went for 20+ yards on a 3rd and 20. Why can't we keep running those plays not only to Wallace but to miller out of the backfield? Maybe design a play where Wallace goes deep and takes the corner and safety with him and you throw a screen to Miller for a possible 10 or 15 yard gain, or maybe more if they bring the blitz. I know we do not normally run this in our offense but make some adjustments to win games. I believe this will soften up the pass rush and allow enough time to hit Wallace deep. I believe the Bengals will come after us early and often especially when they watch the game tape. 

Also I would like to bring up an interesting question, which receiver would you rather have,  a player like Wallace who doesn't appear to say much, besides what he said after the first game, or someone like Bryant who goes and fights for the football but you get the diva side of him. Both have risk and reward.