Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're Gonna Need Some Breaks Come Sunday

Yes, I know, you make your own breaks.  I know, the harder your work, the easier it is.

But the pendulum swings right and then it swings left.

Last week, we shot ourselves in the foot so often, that we couldn't help but gift wrap that game to Buffalo.  We put a big red bow on top too!

Not to dwell on the past, but Tannehill opens with a pick six.  Ooops.

The next series, Fields punts a boomer for 70+ yards and our idiot cover team has 3 guys down there and two eligible players watch as the ineligible teammate downs the ball.  Flag. 5 yards, repeat the down and the rekick is now returned to our 46 yard line. So instead of Buffalo starting from the shadow of their goal posts they are on our side of the 50. Ooops.

Sturgis lines up a 51 yarder.  Gets a good leg into it.  It looks good....drifting right....clank!!! Off the upright and bounces out.  No Good.  Ooops.    

A missed block after a poor decision to pass with a 1 point lead leads to the fatal fumble.  Ooops.

After a great kick off return, we set up shop on our 46 with 25 seconds left to get 20 yards.  Incomplete, incomplete, then on 3rd down, with 13 seconds left, Tannehill steps up and sees an open Hartline racing down the left sideline.  He is open by 2 yards, this is the game winner, soon to be known as the "MIRACLE IN MIAMI"!

Over thrown, over whelmed, just plain over.  Ooops.

We couldn't catch a break or we didn't make our breaks.  Either way, we lost.

Sunday, we are faced with a monumental task.  Oh no, New England isn't that good. No.

We face ourselves on Sunday.  We face the same people we have seen in the mirror since birth.  The same person our loved ones call brother, father, son and friend.  Ourselves.

We are loved and yet even loothed by our own misgivings.  We are appreciated and doubted.  All in one sentence.

But we do have gifts.  God given abilities to run fast, throw far, think ahead of our counter parts, out muscle others.  We do have these attributes.

The only question remaining is whether or not we can use them wisely and often.  We are at a cross roads for this season.  3 losses in a row.  1 division loss out of 1 division game.

Can we believe in the face in the mirror?  Can we?

Because if we can, then that would be the biggest break we can get this Sunday going up to New England.

Just believing we can go into their backyard and beat a team who is beatable. 

If we can play with confidence, then I believe, we won't be ooopsing away another game.

I believe we can fight the good fight and make our own breaks. 

And if a clank or two goes our way, we'll take it! 

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dolphins acquire Bryant Mckinnie from the Ravens

So the Dolphins are going to be changing up the offensive line. They have traded a late round pick for Bryant Mckinnie to what it seems like to replace Clabo who let up two crucial sacks and one that ultimately lost the game. The Dolphins are on pace to break the single season sack record for sacks allowed so why not make a move.

Something to consider

Miami moved up in the draft to select Dion Jordan. He's having an okay - but not great - year.

Meanwhile his team mate at Oregon - Kiko Alonso - was drafted by the bills in the 2nd round. And he's only leading the league in tackles.

Talk about a whiff on a draft pick.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Surprise of surprises!  I was at the game today, and probably like most of you, I thought the Fins were going to pull this one out.  It sure looked like it when they got things going on the series that included this picture; they scored and took a one point lead.

And you can say what you want about the end game and running or not running, about Tannehill getting sacked or whatever.  While that was where the game was lost, that's not really where the game was lost.

For me it was two plays early in the game that set pretty much everything in motion.  The first was the pick-6 on the third play.  The problem here was that Tannehill totally telegraphed the play.  As the teams lined up, the Bills recognized something in the formation, and changed their coverage.  And the db simply camped out as soon as the play started and broke on the ball.  He knew what was coming and was more prepared for it than Miami.

Yeah, some pressure got to the QB, but he threw the ball too quickly and it was all on him - maybe getting sacked umpteen times, and having been off last week caused him to react that way, but it was amazing how ready the Bills were for it.

The second play was a punt, a seemingly innocuous play, except the flyer ran out of bounds and stepped back in and was the first to touch the ball.  The penalty is 5 yards and a re-kick.  Fields had just gotten off a great punt, and in the exchange, it wasn't 5 yards Miami gave up - it was 50.  So the Bills started near mid field and scored their second TD a few plays later.

So at that point it was 14-0, and the Dolphins had to play from behind.  Change something there, and maybe they are in a better spot late in the game....

Anyway, before the game, a small group of us got to meet with new CEO Tim Garfinkel, and he laid out his vision and asked us what would bring out to games.  Someone said "winning" and he was right, I think.  When the team goes 6-10 and 7-9 year after year, and then drops 3 straight after looking good for a few, its going to send the fans back to their couches.

Look, I'm not the fan I once was, but I did like his attitude, and will be curious to see what he comes up with to build loyalty again and get fans to come out - or if that's even possible