Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last Team With The Ball Wins

This game against the Colts has all the makings of a high scoring affair. Two good quarterbacks facing mostly zone coverages whether straight up or with blitz packages.

I doubt either team wants to risk big plays by leaving their corners on an island until they start defending in the red zone.  Plus, both QBs are mobile, so neither one wants to allow them out of the pocket where they can do plenty of damage extending plays.

Tannehill's biggest challenge will be contending with the noise level in the dome while Luck's will be figuring where a blitzer will be coming from.

Look for both offensives to move the ball fairly successfully in a wild 30-27 game with lots of penalties.

Who's gonna win? The team with the ball 1st and 10 with just under 2 minutes left.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Boycott Chris Perkins

I am pretty upset with the beat writers at the Sun Sentinel.  First, I believe they hurt commerce in South Florida.   I believe they further the negative haterdom that the last 10 years of poor on-field performances has produced.   I want my beat writers to actually love the city, and love my team.  I want them to realize that sometimes they perpetuate a lack of interest and impact the number of butts in the seats at Joe Robbie Stadium.   I am not saying I want a bunch of corporate yes men.  No, I want the writers to create an excitement about this team.  

We just won our opener on the road against a decent team, not a great team but a decent one.   Most of the nonsense I read this week (especially right after the win) from that fish-wrap of a newspaper was the blown-out of proportion non-story about Wallace, the finger from Starks and the unhappiness of Soliai. 

I mean really!  Miami just went out and systematically made the team a contender with good draft picks over the last 3 years and great free agent pick-ups this year and WE WON OUR (ROAD) OPENER!  

Chris Perkins needs to find a hole, get in it and pull the dirt in on himself.  Stop writing about my beloved Miami Dolphins.  

Further Mr. Perkins:
The Miami Dolphins are the far superior team this week.   It isn't even close.   Yes, the Colts have the better QB.  But, Tannehill is not chopped liver.   He gets better every single week.   

This game will not be close.  We will dominate both sides of the ball.  This will be a double digit victory for the Miami Dolphins. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Samuel Satele vs Paul Soliai

Need I say more?  This match-up alone gives me great confidence in my prediction of a Double Digit Victory.

Don't be surprised if the interior linemen get 2 or 3 sacks.   It will take Donald Thomas and Sam Satele (two ex-Dolphins) to neutralize Soliai, and my guess is they can't do it. Mike McGlynn will need to help out -- Which will leave 6 other DLs and LBs to create the havoc that I expect the Colts will see on almost every play.

There is almost no way that OL can defend our DL, unless somehow they start running roughshod on us - what is the likelihood of that?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where NFL QBs throw

Thanks @justinwolfers ... Saw this on twitter this morning, and thought it was really cool.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Double Digit Win Prediction

If you have followed my posts, you know I have strong POSITIVE feelings about this year.  I see a fast solid playoff-bound football team.  Yes, the O-Line needs to gel.  And, I'm certain they will.  I actually expect to win the division.

I predicted the 2 score victory against the Browns.  So, here we go again.  I predict another Double Digit victory against the Indianapolis Colts.  YES I DO!  I have not lost my mind.  Unlike the rest of the national press, I am not convinced that Andrew Luck is the next coming of Peyton Manning.    In fact, I predict that Ryan Tannehill will actually have better numbers by days-end this Sunday.  Yes, the 8 for 17 comeback victories is special.  But, Miami is not the Raiders.  Andrew Luck will be hit hard and often.  He will not get a comeback against this Defense.

I predicted preseason that we would Beat the Browns 24-13.  We actually won 23-10.

I also, predicted preseason that we would beat Indy in a squeaker 23-21.  I am now predicting we will win this game, 27-17.  We are that much better...  The speed on both sides of the ball will be too much for the Colts.

Stephen Ross & his donation

There was a lot of flap about Ross making a sizable donation to the University of Michigan last week.  Many asked why he didn't simply spend money to upgrade his stadium instead.

And while I applaud the sentiment, and appreciate that people asked, I think the effort is slightly misplaced.

With the stadium, he was aiming to get state subsidies and have money from the NFL, so very little money would have come out of his pocket at any time.  He was working, essentially, with "borrowed money" and there was no tax benefit to him.

With a large donation to a university there is a substantial tax benefit to making a donation.  Because its an educational institution, it benefits his bottom line directly.

So while I think he should just pay for stadium upgrades himself, asking why he didn't substitute one for the other misses the mark.  He does the things that benefit him financially, of course.

A better question would have been why he didn't make a contribution to any south Florida schools, charities, or other organizations.  As I've noted before, the fact that he does no philanthropy here, and hasn't contribution to the betterment of the community in which he owns a team, is really vexing.

Sure, he can give where he wants and when he wants.  It just strikes me as odd that he wants "our" money to help him make more money on his stadium - and gives large donations other places.  But not where he does business.

And then defends himself awkwardly.

That's my two cents.

Any team can be beaten on any given Sunday

Watching the Dolphins game yesterday I couldn't help but glance every so often at the scores at the bottom. It seemed like every game was close, even the ones that most predicted to be blowouts. New England won on a field goal late in the game to the Bills, a team that most see as a 5 win team. The Jets who most saw as one of the favorites to land the number one pick beat the Buccaneers because Tampa just wanted to gift them the win by committing an unnecessary roughness call on Geno Smith when he went out of bound which instead of it being a 60+ yard kick it was a 48. Indianapolis, our opponent for next week, couldn't put away the Pryor lead Raider until Pryor threw a pick in the red zone at the end of the game. Big Ben and Eli Manning who many analyst say are elite QBs lost to Tony Romo and Jake Locker. 

I know offenses aren't supposed to click right away and usually teams with the best defenses win games early in the season but try telling that to Peyton Manning. The point of this whole post is to show you that this is why you play the games and don't just go with what's on paper. Yes the Patriots and Colts both won but look at who they played. This is why I am confident the Dolphins will be able to pull off a win against the Colts. Have you seen our defense? And that was with our 3rd overall pick hurting and our two rookie corner backs injured. 3 interceptions and 6 sacks. That is how you start a season off right on defense. The Browns have a good run game, Trent Richardson is a monster but he only had 47 yards. 

Our offense needs work, I get it. We didn't run the ball the way we wanted to but Tannehill played pretty well. Brandon Gibson played really well in his first game with the Dolphins, and Hartline scored as many TDs as he did all of last season on a single game. I love the chemistry those two have made. Also Charles Clay has played well in place of injured Dustin Keller. Give the Browns defense credit, Joe Haden is no slacker, he is a pro bowl caliber CB. And he shut down Mike Wallace, but he needed a safety at almost every play to help him out. Some of our wide receivers were wide open because Wallace demanded a double team, and I'll take that. The Browns have a stout defensive line just like we do, they shut our run game down to the point we basically abandoned it. 

Overall I am happy with how we played and just looking at other "elite" teams who struggled to beat up on or win against teams that were supposedly already in the running for the first overall pick. Based on how we played and how the Colts played I think we have a really good chance at beating them. I predict the game will be close all the way until the end. Any analyst who tells you it will be a blowout and an easy win for the Colts will be proven wrong. If the Colts had a hard time against the Raiders what is to suggest they won't have one against us? We have a better defense and a better offense than the Raider in my opinion. That's the end to my little rant because I saw a bunch of analysts pick the Browns and some said the Browns will blow us out. I am so glad football is back. 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

We're In 1st Place...

And loving it!

Wake had a great game, probably his best in years.

Tannehill looked very good in the second half. He also displayed his leadership on the team chasing teammate off the field.

Hartline is so clutch.

Sturgis had a wonderful debut with all his kicks.

The running game fell off a cliff.

Kick coverage ran into a tough situation having to run down twice for the same punt and gave up a long return leading to Brown's TD before the half.

D backs played very well.

D line played very well.

Dion Jordan needs to get back in the weight room.

We missed a few tackles here and there.

Most importantly, we are chasing no one right now and control our own destiny.

Congrats to players, coaches and Dolfans everywhere!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Keys To The Game

This game's keys start with the forecast for 17 mph winds and that will effect the play calling and accuracy of both the passing and kicking games.

1) Passing game: don't expect a large amount of completions down the field although both teams will attempt to loosen up the opposition. So the success of both teams' passing will fall on the slot receivers' ability to move the chains.

2) Running game: expect heavy doses early as both teams look to establish the line of scrimmage and ground and pound their way to a win.

3) Caleb Sturgis: kicking in these winds is no picnic and how he warms up will determine whether Philbin is willing to risk any 45+ yard field goals which may give Cleveland excellent field position should he miss.

4) Field position: as in any game field position will dictate play calling. But when two teams are, quite frankly, evenly matched, as the Browns factor in Home Field Advantage, special teams and turnovers will decide this game, as the short field will bring home the "W".

Xs and Os aside, expect close to the vest play calling and a rather short game in both actual time and yardage gained.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Dolphins Fight Song

Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team.
We take the ball from goal to goal like no ones ever seen.
We're in the air, we're on the ground, we're always in control.
And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl.
Cause we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins #1.
Yes we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins #1.