Friday, August 09, 2013

What We Better See Tonight Against The Jags

Sunday night's game against Dallas left many of us Dolfans feeling like we just got bait and switched by some slick car salesman.

Everyone was excited after all the free agent signings and then the draft, including trading up to grab Dion Jordan at #3.  We walked on the lot expecting to drive off with what was advertised as a model that had all the capabilities of making a solid run at the playoffs.

Instead, we wound up test driving a car that couldn't even get started.

That had better change tonight.  And it all begins with both sides of the line of scrimmage.

Yes, football games are won by the battle in the trenches.  Run the ball successfully and your play action passing opens up.  Stop the run and force them into long down and distance situations and you greatly increase your odds of getting off the field.

Tonight, it all starts up front.

Now the Jags have a new head coach in Gus Bradley, the former Seahawks DC.  And whenever a new head coach comes in, no one feels completely secure.  Every position seems to be up for grabs and players are a lot more motivated coming into their first game, even a preseason game. The Jags will be coming to play tonight.

So I want to see a lot more fire burning in our starters tonight than what we witnessed Sunday against Dallas.  Sunday, our starters were getting beaten up front on both sides of the ball.

Emotion!  That's what I want to see.  Guys firing off the ball and moving mountains.  Guys wanting to be here and showing it by playing with a sense of urgency!

Somebody needs to jump start this latest model of Dolphins or surely they will be standing around an empty lot wondering where all the buyers are.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Who is Chad Bumphis?

Who is this new guy playing wide out for the Miami Dolphins? Chad Bumphis came out of no where last Sunday against the Cowboys catching a game best 5 receptions for 85 yards. Bumphis is not known for his size or speed but he makes up for it by getting open. The 5 foot 9 receiver weighs a little over 200 pounds and is best known for his ability to play the slot as he did so in college. Bellow is a video showing you some highlights against LSU and Texas A&M, two good teams who possess 2 good defenses. 
But how is this guy making a splash if he didn't even get invited to the combine and went undrafted? One thing Dolphin fans can relate him a little to is Davone Bess, who is undersized, didn't possess top speed, and went undrafted. However both possess that ability to run nice routes to get open. Will he become a starter? Probably not. He might even get cut who knows since he did cost the Dolphins a TD by dropping a pass that led to a Dallas TD. But the Dolphins need a 4th receiver with Wallace, Hartline, and Gibson securing the top 3 spots in that order. Today in practice he was promoted to the second string and showed the coaches they made the right choice by beating starting CB Brent Grimes for a 50 yard touchdown.
We all love the story of the underdog. The one no one expects to do anything and comes out of now where.This is a player Dolphins fans need to keep their eye on, I know I for sure am. I'll be rooting for him, he has earned my respect by working hard even when so many have counted him out. 

Johnny Football

I was thinking about the situation with this kid. And than I had an amusing connect-the-dots moment. Let's suppose for a moment that Ryan Tannehill - who "would have been the top-rated QB in this years draft if he had stayed in school" - did stay in school.

He would have been A&Ms starting QB. Manzeil would never have seen the field. Would never have won the Heismann. And we wouldn't be hearing about the Manzeil/A-Rod story incessantly.

Kind of funny how things work out.

Now the question becomes whether Tannehill lives up to that hype...forget about the first preseason "scrimmage".... we'll know soon enough....

Monday, August 05, 2013

Can We Get Our Heads Out Of Our Butts For 10 Minutes Please?

What a way to start the year.

All off season, Coach Philbin preached "We need to win the turnover battle!"

So much for that mantra. Our first offensive play proved no one was listening.

Two steps by Lamar Miller and he took a hit to the chest. Too bad it was the ball that hit him in the chest and 2 seconds later Dallas is set up on the 10, 1st and goal.

Three plays later rookie corner Will Davis loses a step on the slot and winds up getting flagged for DPI by shading the receiver.

Right from the start, Dallas blew us off the ball. They went through us like a hot knife thru butter.  Luckily for us, they decided to pass the ball more than to run it,  otherwise we may not have been able to stop them.

If you think that just because everyone says your defense is gonna be good, all you have to do is show up, you are sadly mistaken.  You still have to play with emotion.

After Dallas gets a few first downs past mid field, we finally stop them and force a punt. Which brings us to our first bone head play.

As Dallas lines up for their first punt, someone on our team is late getting onto the field and barely gets into position. He didn't know he was on Punt Return?  It was our first punt of the night, not our sixth after a few injuries are sustained. In any event, we fair catch it just inside the 10 setting up Miller's slip, sliding away hand off from Tannehill to start our first drive.

I wish I could say that was the end of the moronic maneuvers. But I can't.

After the DPI by Davis sets them up on the 1 yard line, another defender has to hustle out just before the snap to get 11 on the field.

Does anyone on this team actually know when they are supposed to be in the game?

Now this all leads up to the Hall of Fame Bone Head play of them all. We come out of the 2 minute warning in the first half and granted, with all the TV commercials, they only give you 2-3 minutes to talk about the next play. Surely the league could spare more time, because we clearly needed it as we had to burn a time out as we broke the huddle late.

Am I watching Pop Warner or is there a distinquishable lack of discipline on this team?

I think the cherry on the top was when we finally get a sack fumble and the ball is tipped forward by one of our bone heads and it actually, get this, I know its gonna be hard to believe because they are professionals, but the ball rolls right through the legs of three of our charging stooges and Dallas recovers for a first down!

Good Night Nurse.

On the positive side,  who knew Egnew could catch?

I guess Carpenter really wants to stay because he played great with all the touchbacks and his 45 yard field goal.

Now I know it is only the preseason, but these coaches better get a handle on these problems and maybe, just maybe, kicking some butt instead of looking up them might help.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Seeing Is Believing. Or Wishing I Had looked Away.

Ok. He is starting and those two are not.

Look for this and look for that tonight.

Yada, yada, yada.

Lets face the fact that the only nuclear decision that is going to be made after tonight's game is regarding Left Tackle.  Sure, Martin better hold up at left tackle and if he does wind up  getting completely embarassed then Ireland, who has already been searching the waiver wire for new OL depth,  may have to trade for an upgrade at LT.  I am sure that has not been the GM's plan of attack since the drafting of Dion Jordan at #3 but it may be his only fall back position at this point if Martin falls flat on his face.

That's the only real big super duper concern.

What else do I wanna see?

Everyone walk out of there. No big injuries please.

How about how are these new helmets gonna look with that wide aqua stripe running down the middle with our new logo?  Are we even going to recognize ourselves or will it look like Dallas is scrimmaging some obscure Division II school from out of eastern Tennessee or southern Missouri?

I love these preseason games just to get a glimpse of our high draft picks.  I cannot wait to see if Dion Jordan is the real deal or is he a couple months or even years away from developing into a dominant pass rusher?

Will our defensive backs actually hang onto a ball that doesn't have to get stuck in their new white facemasks in order for us to get an interception?

Will either kicker make a FG over 45 yards?

Will Dallas' WRs have a big game with Kyle Orton starting?

How many snaps before Dustin Keller gets a first down?

Will Dion Sims get a red zone TD?

Can Lamar Miller and Mike Gillislee pass block? 

Finally, will Daniel Thomas fumble his career away starting tonight?

Other than that stuff, give me the chips, M&Ms and some big hits.

Hopefully by us.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971