Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Deacon Jones

We pay our respects to the Deacon, who passed away last night.

The secretary of defense has a connection to the Dolphins - he is the guy who sacked Bob Griese in the '72 season, and broke his ankle.

That led to the insertion of Earl Morrall, and kept the infamous win streak going.

In the strangest of ways, that helped the Dolphins - because the entire season had an enormous amount of luck that sort of piled up for the team.  Who knows if Griese had stayed in if they had gone undefeated.

And certainly, that would have meant he couldn't come off the bench in the playoffs to give the team a lift.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Discussing the Depth Chart: QB's

Now that the NFL Draft is over, OTA's are in progress, and Minicamps and Training Camp is right around the corner, that means Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin, and the whole coaching staff has some personnel decisions to make. This series will discuss and analyze each player at every position, their chances of making the roster, and my predictions of who might make the roster and why! Starting this week, I will be discussing the QB's

Ryan Tannehill 6'4" 225 lbs.Texas A&M

Coming into last last season, Tannehill had to overcome two established NFL veterans in Matt Moore and David Garrard. With the injury to Garrard, and Moore not being a great practice player, Tannehill was able to take the job from both them and was able build on that progress during his rookie year. Tannehill has ALL the tools needed to become an Elite QB in the league (yes I said Elite). He's got the arm strength as proved by Mike Wallace's statement saying that Ryan could probably throw the ball just as far as Ben Roethlisberger can, he's got the accuracy as proved by Dustin Keller's statement saying that Tannehill puts the ball right where it needs to be, he's got the smarts as proved by his consistent at the line adjustments last year as a rookie and great performance under pressure from blitzes, and the athletic ability to be able to make plays outside of the pocket and occasionally scramble, a la Aaron Rodgers, as proved by him being a college WR and him running the option some at the end of last season. The only thing stopping him from being an Elite QB, I believe, is himself or, God forbid, an unfortunate career ending injury. Tannehill showed consistent improvement last year, which proves that he is always learning, and rarely did he ever make the same mistake twice! If Tannehill can put all of his talents together, then the Dolphins will go as far as he is able to take them, and it looks as if it could be pretty far. It has been over a decade since the Dolphins has had this much hope and promise at the QB position, but lets keep everything in perspective. Tannehill is still only a second year QB, he has an unproven offensive line, and a WR corps that may or may not gel together. If all of those things can come together, Tannehill's talents, the offensive line, and the WR's corps, then the Dolphins will have a LETHAL, passing attack
Tannehill's projected Stats:
With a winning record: 3,800-4,300 yds, 20-25 TDs, and 10-13 ints
With a losing record: 3,200-3500 yds, 12-15 TDs, and 12-16 ints

Matt Moore 6'3" 215 lbs Oregon State

Matt Moore is arguably the best backup QB in the entire NFL, and that is quite a luxury to have. In week 8 against the Jets at Metlife Stadium, Moore came into the game, after Tannehill hurt his knee, and led the Dolphins to victory with ease, spanking the much hated Jets 30-9 at their own home. I would challenge you to find any other backup QB to come in cold off the bench in the first quarter of a NFL game on the road and lead an offense to 30 points. That just does not happen very often. Matt Moore is a very reliable veteran  presence behind Tannehill, and offers valuable security to the Dolphins should they ever need it. Moore is a fairly accurate QB with a good enough arm to make the needed throws in the Dolphins offense. He is mobile enough to be able leave the pocket and make a throw on the run. One of his problems is, though, he holds on the ball too long sometimes and takes an unnecessary hits and sacks sometimes. At only 28 years old, and under contract for another two years, the Dolphins are pretty well set at the QB position, for the first time since the time of Dan Marino. Having this kind of veteran presence in the locker room and behind Ryan Tannehill is so valuable, and can only help Tannehill in his maturation process to be a possible elite QB in the NFL.

Pat Devlin 6'3" 222 lbs. Delaware

Pat Devlin has been the third QB in Miami for two years now, after being signed as a Undrafted Free Agent coming out of college. He seems to be the "teacher's pet" under current head coach Joe Philbin. Although little is known about Devlin, considering that he has not had much playing at all during his career, he seems to be a fairly accurate QB, who is very smart and works very hard. He does not have a very strong arm at all, which will prevent him from being anything other than a perpetual third QB in the NFL, maybe, eventually a second QB, if he really improves. Think of Devlin, as a poor man's Chad Pennington. Both are 6'3" 225 lbs. range, both are accurate with the ball, very smart, with not a laser rocket arm. To me, that sounds like a great developmental third QB to have on the team and to run the scout team in practice.

Projected Depth Chart:
1) Ryan Tannehill
2) Matt Moore
3) Pat Devlin

No surprise here. For the first time since the 2009 offseason, with Chad Pennington being the unquestioned starter, Ryan Tannehill is the unquestioned starter for the Dolphins and a developing leader on the team. With Matt Moore, arguably, being the NFL's best backup, and Pat Devlin being a solid third stringer, the Dolphins seem to have a top 10 QB corp in the NFL when you consider all three QB's on the roster. For Miami to be successful this season, they need to have not just a solid season from Tannehill, but a great one. He needs to be efficient, especially on third down and against the blitz, his TD's need to greatly outweigh his INT's, and he needs to have more 4th quarter wins than he did last year (one, against the Seahawks). I expect Ryan Tannehill to come out much improved this year, and more explosive with all the new weapons he has to work with this year!


Look for my next article as I analyze the RB position.
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