Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stadium doings

Tomorrow another senate committee will take up the proposed legislation - it might make it past the committee, or maybe not. But its another weigh station along the way...

But, always full of twists and turns, there were two additional developments that could change the "momentum" of the deal. 

First, there was a proposed amendment to the legislation that would pay for the tax rebate by repealing a tax incentive for large banks operating in Florida.  How do you think the banks feel about that?  They have already started lobbying to have that removed, or barring that, to ensure that the bill in its entirety would not become law.

And second, an economic development committee introduced new legislation that would allow for a total of $15 million per year to be divvied up among any/all sites that are looking for money to build or renovate stadia.  That would mean everyone would have to compete for money, and its no sure thing that the Dolphins (or any team) could get anything if it becomes law.