Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Team Needs None Other Than George S. Patton

How could this team play that last game with no sense of urgency?

If we lost 27-24 on a 57 yard field goal in overtime, I don't believe the fan base would have the amount of outrage it has now.

The fans are pissed off!!!

And who could blame them?

We bought in during free agency and the draft.

We were exhilarated after a 3-0 start.

We were dumbfounded with Bullygate.

We were patient with the organization.

We found new hope and life after 3 wins in early December.

We bought back in hook, line and sinker.

We said "Ok, we still got the Jets at home" after getting crushed in Buffalo.

We looked at all the scenarios available to get that invitation to the dance.

Throughout it all, we were there for this team. We still loved and supported them.

Why? Because we believed they would at the very least show up and fight for us if not for themselves.

How foolish were we? How naïve could we be?

And now? We want heads to roll!

All, one, two, three or four heads tumbling down the stairs like the beginning of the movie "Two on a Guillotine".

We will not be satisfied until we exact some revenge from those that lead us over this cliff now known as the 2013 Season.

We have no clue what the actual problem is. We don't care!!!

If the players didn't care, then why should we!!!

What we do know is that this team needs a good kick in the ass!!

And who is going to give it to them? The fans??

They would if they could.

You guys on the Dolphins better realize that you just completely let us down!


If I could, I would bring General Patton back from the dead to kick your asses and pull your heads out of them!

No excuses, just results!

You get paid pretty damn good! You eat pretty damn good!

We pay you for that!!!

Not Ross, we do with tickets and hats and tee shirts and jackets and jerseys and DIRECTV.

And that Jet game is how you paid us back.


Either Ross or Ireland or Philbin or whomever shows up for actual work better start kicking some asses around there because we have had enough!

Oh, Happy New Year!!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Good stuff Carl but I think Philbin & Ireland with 2 no-nonsense kick ass coordinators is a better plan than gutting the franchise. If I were Ross, I would get a PROVEN football guy and let him oversee for 1 year Ireland and Philbin and either playoffs or they are done. We do have good talent but under achieving OC and DC. We get 2 guys with a good body of work with fire in their bellies and a mandate to Ireland to build our OL and RB corp.Our LB's are mediocre and not playmakers. The new DC must either fix that or release all 3 of them and start over. As pissed off as I was I feel it was a blessing that we didn't make the playoffs as we wouldn't get past the first opponent because we just aren't good enough to go. Let's not back into the playoffs, let's freaking EARN IT!! BTW I'm Phin Fan since 70 so we're both dinosaurs. :)


I don't want to gut the staff. I think they deserve another year FinFanNJ.
But that's it. You cannot win a SB in 2 years or maybe 3 but you gotta turn the corner in 3.
I was just speaking for all the frustrated fans. They needed a voice here.


I have no confidence in anyone one there. Ross has shown his ineptitude at running a team when he was publicly courting Jim Harbaugh to be be head coach while Tony Sparano still held the job.

Philbin has said recently that he stands by Sherman as OC and that sent chills down my spine because if he can't see that Sherman needs to go and if he doesn't have the balls to make the call then what else is he not seeing or too soft to make a call in?

As for Ireland, who has he brought in that is making any kind of long term impact on the team? I believe that he got a free pass during the Big Tuna years because he was a Parcells acquaintance from his Dallas days.

I don't see anything changing if big moves are not made. Giving the current regime a couple of more years to see if they can right this ship is simply throwing away time, talent, and money and making this once great franchise more of a laughing stock than it already has become.

My comments are not of frustration alone. They are pragmatic tough words that need to be said to save this team from becoming perennial losers/also-rans like the Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions.


One year is all. I think that is fair.
First of all if you keep cutting people loose, no one will Wang to come here. Secondly, who are you gonna get anyway. Six other teams out there that dont have low attendance and Brady to beat.
We aren't that attractive to top notch candidates. Need to give these guys a fair shake.


Ya CARL !! thats what im talking about...disgusting. and Philbin stands by Sherman hahaha thats all i can do is laugh. I would have fired him after those comments right there. Ross is just as bad. I'm just about to give up on this team, 23 years of being a loyal fan. this is the NFL feelings aren't a part of the business. If Ross wants to win he'll fire them all, grow some balls and be stern. The fact that he is taking all this time to figure this out is ridiculous and tells me he has no intention of winning. Get ready ya'll for another crappy 2014. 7-9, 8-8.


I hope not Mike