Monday, December 30, 2013

The future of the team

Mr. Ross has a lot to think about. The fans (myself included) are calling for a change. And I'm sure he has his own criteria for what to review. Maybe the committees he formed are giving him advice. Maybe Carl Peterson or someone else he trusts is giving advice. We just don't know.

But what we do know is that Ireland has been in charge of the football operation and the personnel. And how well he's done is debatable. Maybe the roster is okay and it's all coaching. Maybe it's somewhere in between.

The question is: does Mr. Ross trust him?  We know he did. But now?

I heard the coach and several players say things like "we're talented and believe we're better than an 8-8 team". And that's all fine and well, but you are what you record says you are. And that's average. Certainly the coaching staff is at least partially responsible. But how much does Mr. Ross hold them accountable?

The right thing for manny fans is to fire them both and move on. But will he?  Won't he? 5 coaches and 1 GM got fired today, bringing the total to 6 vacancies in the nfl. But nothing out of Miami. Does that mean anything?

And then there's still bully gate. A report that implicates gm or coach would certainly make it easy to make a decision.  Clearing them might have a similar effect. Except that Ted Wells was asked by the commissioner to delay his findings until after the Super Bowl, so it's not a distraction.

You have to wonder if Mr. Ross has already seen the report. If he has, will that be a consideration?  And if he hasn't, what if he does decide to keep both, and the report implicates one or both? Then what?

So who knows what he'll do.  It's his team and he can do whatever he wants. Even go out and interview gms and coaches while he still has both on the payroll.  ;)

But it seems like this may take a while...
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One would think that if the report were negative, he would go ahead and fire those surrounding it and it would be become old news. Bottom line; Offensively, lets face it, i think we were all surprised we were even in a position considering we lost 2 starting linemen from a line that was mediocre at best. Defensively, there is no excuse for the d line to play like they did. Bottom line, the both need to go. Ireland, i would wait. Wallace wasn't bad had he been incorporated into the offense earlier. No chemistry is oc's responsbility. Ireland has made his mistakes. Dion jordan while a good player, was not what we needed; that is clear now more than ever. Albert we had a shot at and long we had a shot at. I think Kevin did a good job with the secondary but a terrible job with the dline. So, do you fire him or give him a year to address his weaknesses? Time will tell. All i know is that firing everyone doesn't solve the problem. We have changed coaches every two to three years or less!! Everytime you do that you lose coach player relationships that are very important. ie marshall, sean smithh, vontae davis, reggie bush, etc. We don't need a new head coach. Whose out there we would want? a fired coach who failed to do his job. No thanks.


If I were Mr Ross, I would give Ireland another year, However, I would get rid of Philbin. I would trade Tanne-Henne for a ham sandwich and a half of bag of doritos. HIRE DENNIS GREEN OR LOVIE SMITH! We do not have to change any of the other players or coaching staff other than the above mention. Those two loses confirm that the coaching staff needs to be replaced because we had the personnel to defeat any team, but they were not allowed to compete for the starting job. When a head coach will not listen to reason nor be open to sheer logic; he needs to be replaced immediately!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt Moore and Pat Devlin were not allowed to compete for the starting job. It was obvious that both quarterbacks were better than Tanne-Henne. They both can throw the deep ball in stride. We lost over 20 easy homerun touchdowns to Mike Wallace, because Philbin foolishly continued to use a qb who will never progress to be an elite qb over Matt Moore and Pat Devlin.


With All Respect to Mr. Apollos: You assessment of Tannehill is way off. Not only is he greatly improved this year but he put up some fairly impressive numbers in spite of being poorly coached and in spite of a horrible OL. We we only a few yards away from having 2 1000 yard receivers. You don't get that close with a bad QB. People who know football are very positive about Tannehill. He is not the problem! When you look at our level of play when we beat good teams it becomes clear that the talent is there it just is not being properly utilized which points all fingers to coaching. As much as I like Philbin as a person he is a major part of the problem. He may be a "class act" but he can't admit to problems that everyone else sees. His OC and DC are the same way. You can't fix something if you can't even admit there's a problem. For this reason alone the top 3 coaches and OL and DL coaches all need to go along with the QB coach. Your assertions that Matt Moore and Pat Devlin could be replacements for this team are naive at best. Matt has had plenty of chances to show what he has. The Bills game was a good example of what we would get with him. Was it his 2nd or 3rd pass before he threw an interception? Anyone with even a little football knowledge would never suggest those 2 as being capable of outplaying Tannehill. You suggestions for coaching are also highly questionable. Neither of those guys is better than what we have. Heck I'd rather have Shannahan than either of those 2 clowns. The only other question is what about Ireland. There is plenty of positive and negative to go around on him but the question is would we definitely get someone who is better? When you look at it objectively and unemotionally it's hard to find someone who has brought in the talent he has while managing the cap as well. At the same time, it might be best to move on just because his name has been dragged through the mud so badly. I'm not sure what's best here. But I wouldn't want to lose him unless I knew for sure we were getting a proven GM. Changing coaching is one thing but a new GM too would set this team back for years. The teams that are finding success are the ones who keep there staff in place. The worst teams are the ones who change staff every 2 or 3 years. Maybe keeping Ireland would be the best decision.


What an awful end to the season. Here is the question I have... Why is it Ross was ripped for talking to Harbaugh a few years ago? Teams do it with players every season. You talk to free agents and bring in draft picks with the goal of getting the best possible team. When a player is not doing well, you don't just cut him, you go look at what is available to upgrade. Once you have someone signed then you let them go. Why shouldn't the owner do the same thing with coaches. If your team is not performing you are put on notice by the owner actively looking at replacements. I think Ross should actively be talking to some coaches and GM's. I think Philbin is the best the coach they have had since Shula or maybe Jimmy but unfortunately that is not saying anything because what came before Philbin were horrible coaches. We can't afford to let Philbin go for another Saban that will set the team back years. I strongly feel Ireland and Philbin have built a young talented team going in the right direction. So I don't think you just fire them. However, I don't see anything wrong with talking to people like Dungy, Gruden, Cower etc to see what their interest and terms are. If you feel like you have an obvious proven upgrade go for it. However with all the teams chasing coaches I think it is much more likely we will downgrade vs upgrade so I certainly do think you fire anyone without a clear Alt you feel good about.


Sorry I just got done laughing at the Pat Devlin comment. This Apollos guy has to be joking right? No disrespect to Devlin I know he works hard but he simple does not have a NFL caliber arm. I like Matt Moore he is probably better than 10 starting QB's in the league. But he is almost 30 an only has a 1 year deal pretty hard to put the future of you franchise in that situation.


I would argue that Mr. Ross flirtation with Harbaugh did harm the team. He came back and had an awkward meeting with Sporano and Sporano knew that his days were numbered and coached like it. The entire season was wasted because of this nonsense. He should have fired Sporano and then promoted a coordinator if it didn't work out.