Thursday, December 26, 2013

The dissenting view

I am one of those people. You know, the ones who (gasp!) would rather the dolphins don't make the playoffs. Sound like sacrilege?  Read on.

First off, the whole tie breaking process is utter nonsense!  WTF is all of this silliness about teams winning and losing that don't directly impact them?

This is a fairly flawed team in a mediocre AFC. My fear is that the team is more like the so-so team that struggled to win some of the games this year, and possibly last weeks game showed their true mettle. Making the playoffs may simply validate Jeff Ireland's confidence in himself, and that his decisions were all good.  And that could very well mean the team mostly stands pat and does nothing of consequence this offseason. And that, in turn, means that the same flawed team returns next season...

As for Ireland, the fact that the team's o-line has played better without Long and Martin (two fellows who were highly drafted), and without Incognito (a free agent he signed) and seemed not to have a huge drop off when Pouncey (another top pick) missed a couple of games. I could go on. But I'll stop there. He has no idea what he's doing. And should be held accountable for the teams flaws rather than getting another chance to build on *this*...

Then on to the flaws. They struggled against almost everyone this season. I'd like to call out a couple of what you call quality wins:

  • Cincinnati had Baltimore the following week, and looked lackluster for most of the game. Yes Miami won. But the situation leading up to the safety was pure luck
  • Miami was fortunate to face Indianapolis in the 2nd week; Luck hadn't quite come in to form and he had 4 bad passes at the end
  • Against the pats a few weeks ago, the story goes that the who dat that made the pick didn't have a clue what the defensive call was. So he just stood there, looking lost. Brady threw the ball likely not expecting someone in the nfl to be that lost.  And the ball comes more or less to him. Talk about a lucky break. 
And then there was Pittsburgh. The steelers had an unlucky break, as Brown stepped out after he got past the last defender. 

Yes luck plays a part in the nfl. But you can't count on it as a strategy. Take away Pittsburgh and any of the games above and Miami has to win this week, just to get back to 7-9. You simply can't expect the same kind of luck to happen again next year....

I'm just sayin'.  So as much as it hurts - for the greater good I say go jets!!!!

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Sorry, dude. the glass cannot always be half empty. you are way too cynical.


To be fair, the Dolphins are also about four plays from being 12-3, so the "luck" logic goes both ways. They are what their record says they are.

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There is nothing worse than a "fan" who wants his team to lose. You admit that we've beaten 3 playoff teams already! Yet you want us to lose?

I want to see what this team in the playoffs. Likely we won't win it all, but if we can go to Indy and win at least one game against a team we know we can beat, that will be a heck of a lot better for the future of this franchise than anything else right now.


Here are 3 good reasons to go:

#1 playoff experience is great for players and the entire organization

#2 increase tix sales next year so better home environment

#3 not too much movement in draft position with 1 more win or loss


I assume this guy is a Jets fan posting. I will just respond to one clueless quote after another.

"fairly flawed team in a mediocre AFC" --Who is not flawed in the NFL?

"may simply validate Jeff Ireland's confidence in himself" Did you see the team from the Randy Mueller, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban years?

"the Bengals safety was pure luck" - Yeah had nothing to do with Cam Wake 's talent and effort, Wake just got "lucky"

•Miami was fortunate to face Indianapolis in the 2nd week - Yeah they went and beat the 49ners after that ( See mediocre AFC comment above) and had Reggie Wayne. We were sure lucky to face them at that time - SMH

The team's o-line has played better without Long and Martin ( have you looked at our sacks given up total, rushing total, and did you even see the games this year against Buffalo?)

The steelers had an unlucky break ( They were unlucky because they could not score on 80 yd play with 1 second left?)

I say go jets!!!! - I say your a complete tool


This is a Dolphins FAN blogging site... As you are obviously not a fan, please post elsewhere. If the Miami Dolphins win 4 out 5 of their December games and you still think they do not merit a playoff berth, you need to just move along little doggie.


Move along little doggie.
LOL MD. You crack me up.