Sunday, December 22, 2013

That hurt! Go NE and Go SD!

ouch... playoff hunt could be over for us in 3 hours...

I am sick to my stomach.  

Mike Sherman should be fired today.   That was pathetic play calling. 

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Could not agree more. Passing first down; Passing first down; Passing first down; we need to kill this momentum, lets run it twice for 2 yards. We run no roll-outs, screens,or quick slants.


I've said that all year! Mike Sherman is a loser!


I am stunned they ran the 3 wr set pretty much the whole game. The weather was horrible and their def line just blew in there all day. We already knew that set was not a good match up. Tannehill had no chance. We are lucky he did not get hurt worse than he did. Also is Lamar Miller so bad they would rather run a gimpy Daniel Thomas? I don't understand the thinking at all.


They had their linebackers back all day. Their d-line was so dominant they never needed to blitz linebackers or have them move up to stop the run. That pretty much kills quick slants and screens. However, with our line getting man handled we ran hardly any double TE to help. I know that makes it harder score but I would have rather seen them push the edges with Lamar Miller to try to force the d-ends to stay home. Bottom line is both games against them our oline was beaten so bad it makes hard to do much. But still just leaving Tannehill in there to chuck and duck did not work for 8 quarters. I don't understand why they didnt pull mathews and put Sims in there to improve protection and maybe help to run a bit better


Tannehill does have one big problem that needs to be fixed. He waits for routes to develop before throwing the ball. That means he is not timing throws, he is standing in the pocket longer, and he decides not to throw the ball. There are times when Brady fakes a hand off turns and throws, he doesn't see the WR, he just throws it where they should be, and it works. The only way to stop Brady is to jam the WR at the line, but no one ever does. He needs to just get the ball out of his hands.