Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stat Line Tannehill vs Brady

With 13 games under their belts, let's take a look at how Ryan Tannehill stacks up against Tom Brady this year and in the last 4 weeks.

             Comp    ATT    PCT     YDS    YDS/A   Long   TD   INT   Sack   QBRating   YDS/G

Brady    318       523     60.8    3685   7.05        81       21    9       36        88.3           283

Tanne   300       484      62      3315    6.85       67       20    14     48         84              255

Last 4 Games

Brady    136       183     74.3    1427    7.79      50        8      3        10        98.77         356

Tanne   100       155     64.5    1109    7.15      57        7      4        11        90.02         277

On the season, Tannehill has a higher completion percentage but that's about it.  Brady has only thrown for 1 more TD than Tannehill and has thrown for 370 more yards or a little more than 28 yards per game.

Tannehill has thrown 50% more interceptions on the season but in the last 4 weeks they have been neck and neck with 3 for Brady and 4 for Tannehill.

Our Oline has improved in comparison to Brady's with regards to protecting the QBs. In the last 4 games, Miami has given up only 1 more sack than NE.  Prior to the last 4 games Miami had given up close to 50% more sacks than NE. That's a tremendous improvement.

 Where Tannehill has shown steady improvement is in his QB rating. As the Dolphins have progressively made more of a commitment to run the ball in the last 4 games, Tannehill's QB Rating has improved from 84 to 86.4 to 94.2 to last week' s 95.5, which happens to be his second highest rating of the season since his 107.4 vs the Colts in week 2. By comparison, Brady's last 4 QB Ratings come in at 91.2, 107.4, 104.8 and last week's 91.7.

Can Tannehill go out and out duel Brady in a gun fight?  He might be able to do just that. But at this point in the season, as we are running the ball more effectively, I expect Miami's offense to be balanced this Sunday and if so, I expect Tannehill to play well enough for us to win this game.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone

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