Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ryan Tannehill Makes Fashion Statement

Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill appeared on the NFL Network's Total Access last night to discuss the growth of the team this year.

Set in front of a back drop with the Dolphin's logos, Tannehill was very congenial in his interview with former Rams QB and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner.

Tannehill also sent a message out to Dolfans across the country. Not intentionally, but none the less.

Don't throw out any of your old sweatshirts or tee-shirts or hats.

No, you can still wear them proudly as Tannehill was sporting a gray shirt with last year's logo on it.

No big deal but it does show how Tannehill respects the tradition of the Miami Dolphins even as he is working on bringing more historic events to a proud franchise.

Someone should send him a Csonka, Griese or Bouniconti jersey to wear next time.

That would be cool.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971


  1. You must be bored to talk about clothes.... Miami 31-17 -> what do clothes have to do with winning and then winning in the playoffs?

    1. Far from bored MD. Absolutely swamped.
      But it caught my attention and is worth mentioning.

  2. Im pretty sure it was just laundry day. But he also knew he had a public app so there was some conscious decision making there at least.

    1. I agree Box. A little decision but not earth shattering.
      I am glad he did it as do everyone else out there who own old logo stuff and now don't have to feel deprived for not wearing new logo stuff.
      His statement is clear: "Its golden to go olden"!
      He is bridging the generations. What a masterful gesture on his part. Might get nominated for a Nobel.