Saturday, December 14, 2013

Prediction: Miami beats New England

      Have you ever felt that a particular trend has run its course, or that some equilibrium will soon be brought back into the mix?  That is how Miami Fans feel about this game, this series and the future strengths of these programs.  The Miami Dolphins are a deeper and a more talented team from top to bottom - except in two very critical areas: 1. Quarterback.  2. Game time coaching and play calling.

     Let's think about this.     Except for the QB position, name one player on the Patriot's squad you would rather have more than is already on the Dolphins team.   Looking up and down the New England roster it is hard to find better talent than the Dolphins have:  With Gronkowski, Mayo, Wilfork, Kelly, and Vollmer all on season ending injured reserve, how can anyone believe that the Patriot's roster is better than Miami's.   IT IS NOT!

     At the beginning of the season, it was widely reasoned that coaching would be the only reason the Miami Dolphins would not make the playoffs.   There is nothing that has happened thus far this season  that should change that thinking.  For Miami to win this game Sunday, December 15th, 2013 against New England, the Dolphins must out-coach the Patriots.  Miami's staff has had the better part of two years to work out the wrinkles.   They must step-up.  The players can execute.  Mike Sherman must call an excellent game and make the adjustments as New England makes theirs.  Kevin Coyle must send plays in faster and get his team in the right sets to successfully defend against Brady and company.  The thinking here is that the Dolphins brain trust have been building to this moment in time and this moment in the season in which they can catapult themselves into the national discussion of legitimate playoff teams.

     Miami will win this game.  The final score will be close to Miami 35 - New England 24.  The final Patriot's score will simply be a junk time score with no impact on the game.

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Good write MD!


Belicheck loves to take away what your doing well and make you adjust before he does. I expect him to really take away Clay and press coverage Hartline. Let it rip Tannehill deep bombs to Hartline and Wallace over and over. Let's put up 50 pts on them! Our time is now!


Defensively, our linebackers are gonna have to cover their backs very well. That's were they will try to attack us.
And if Brady gets a matchup in personnel he likes, he will hurry up us so we can't adjust without burning a TO.
Offensively, we will score points. We have too many weapons. Tannehill is on a nice roll right now and both Hartline and Clay have been making monster plays. They won't be able to keep us under 27 points.


I agree with you... However, if Miami establishes a decent running game early, New England will not be able to key on Big-Play-Clay. And, I hope scoring 50 is not necessary... Unless our defense completely lays an egg. I feel 35 should be enough. Don't get me wrong. It would be a huge statement by this offense to do it!


Carl, the way big number 95 covered Gronkowski last time, I suspect Jordan will mirror the running backs this time and neutralize that threat. Yes, the DE and LB and S all must contain the short over the middle plays and/or the bubble screen plays... Miami is hungry. This game is really ours to lose...We are destined to win! I feel it.


I think so too MD. Just like in Animal House, instead of Niedermeir, it'll be "Brady, Dead!"