Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poll Question: Should we Boycott WQAM?

    I have loved WQAM my entire adult life.   I love following Florida Sports listening to their comments, positions, and general opinions related to all things sports.

    But lately, especially on the Crowder & Guzio Show, the banter has been more about dressing in off-the-rack suits, taking your gun out to protect the neighborhood, and/or telling contractors of neighbors to get back to work.  When I asked them in a text to pickup the sports talk, I was criticized and read the Sunday Buffalo weather.   I sent another text to express my displeasure and WQAM sent me a text to (and I quote) "shut ur mouth."


    Don't get me wrong.  I love the altruistic, donation of time and energy by Crowder and crew...  That is not sports, but it is worthy of some radio time.  And, I also get that this is entertainment.  So, yuk it up some...

    BUT, when my beloved Miami Dolphins are on a Playoff run (and haven't been for 5 years) or the Heat comes from behind and wins an exciting NBA game last night against the second best team in the East (the Pacers) - why do we have to listen to scolding of workers in the neighborhood for 11 straight minutes?  Jeeze, there is only about 22 minutes of radio time each half hour.  I feel cheated.  I can't get those minutes back. :)

1.  If you think we should boycott WQAM, text 56121 - "Boycott WQAM"

2.  If you think we should boycott Crowder and Guzio, text 56121 - "Boycott C & G"

3.  If you don't think we should boycott at all, text 56121 - "Don't Boycott"

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We have the right to listen to what we want and not listen tow hat we do not want. Let them keep up their idiotic bantering and they will talk their way out of the hearts oft he fans. BTW Crowder was a terrible player and teammate and did not represent the Dolphins well because of his play not living up to his mouth. i see some things will never change.


LOL - I think I love you man! That was perfect!


Boycott is a strong word... I don't care about the issues, WQAM has just gotten bad.

WQAM used to be a great station. I remember back in the day, the afternoon-evening lineup was Jim Mandich, Hank Goldberg, Orlando Alzuaray. Probably the greatest lineup in the history of South Florida sports. Could pretty much turn to WQAM at 1PM and listen for the rest of the day. But now WQAM sucks.

WQAM has taken a lot of wrong turns.
- Lost the Dolphins Radio Broadcast contract.
- Hired Sid Rosenburg.
- Fired Hank Goldberg
- Chased away the big O.
- Never could find another radio personality that comes close to Mandich.

I stopped listening to WQAM when they fired Troy Stradford for complaining about Sid Rosenberg taking his airtime. Think about it - they fired a former Dolphin for calling out a loud mouthed New York sport fan.

Yea, WQAM sucks. About the only thing they've done right in the past 5 years is fire Sid Rosenburg, but they've really got nothing worth listening to.


Man! That was perfection. Well said!


Who do you listen to now?


Yes, WQAM is not the WQAM of old.

Boycott them if you like. Who gives a damn?

I do know for a fact, that Crowder is the ONLY person on any talk radio show in this market that ACTUALLY talks football. He knows the plays, the coverages, the comparative talent, etc. Everyone else speaks in abstracts.


Yes, but he admits on air that he doesn't even want to talk football in detail. "It's boring to talk all that stuff." It is the one thing I crave to hear from him, but he seldom gives it to us...


Really, the only sports talk I listen to these days is Finsiders, on 940 around 5 PM.


Turn on 940 at 5PM. They are actually talking Dolphins football, and doing it quite well.

Crowder was a bit of a buffoon and blowhard as a player, and he has only sharpened that part of his game on the radio.


Finsiders at 5 o'clock?! That's a company machine talking. It's as bad as reading Omar Kelly.


I've heard Crowder talk plenty of what you want. Producers should urge him to do more. You can be a talented blowhard i.e. like all the telecommunication majors out there, and you can be an ex-player... The ignorant need straight dope. Goldberg was an ass, too.


Yeah, if you've read my posts in the past, Omar can be a bit tough to read as well... The way he trashes players and coaches... instead of maybe questioning whether there might be a better way. O Kelly trashes Chris Clemons constantly even though he grades out highly with non-biased player grading sites. I am always amazed at the idiocy Omar spouts...


Agree that Omar is a jerk.

Also agree that Finsiders is obviously a company machine, but they are really all we got these days with radio . And they often do have interviews with outside perspective and analysis, so it isn't all sanitized.

Unfortunately, Finsiders is the best we got when it comes to Dolphins talk. If you really think Crowder is going to save us from the dearth of Dolphins talk on the radio airwaves, then you are going to be waiting a long, long time. Crowder has no inside information - he burned those bridges, and it is obvious that he would rather be more Sid than Mad Dog in style.

For a guy who claims to like "straight dope", I'm kind of surprised you don't think much of Goldberg. He was kind of the king of "straight dope" - it got him fired on several occasions. Granted, Goldberg could be an arrogant prick, but his takes was usually on the money. There is no accounting for taste.