Sunday, December 08, 2013

Miami will make the playoffs.

     With Rob Gronkowski out for the season - Advantage Miami;  I believe Miami will beat New England next week.   Also, I believe Baltimore will lose 2 games with Detroit, New England and Cincinnati still on their schedule.  Also, it is not unreasonable that Cincinnati will lose 2 of its last 3...  with Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and Baltimore still left.   Miami has one tough game left -  New England.   Win that one and we are going to the second season, where anything is possible (of course we will still need to beat Buffalo and NYJ).

     No one picked Miami to beat Pittsburgh (except me and few others).  It was overwhelmingly believed that we did not have what it took to beat the Steelers in those conditions... and Miami was a forward lateral from Rothlisberger and 1/2 inch step out of bounds from Brown away from proving those guys right.   However, we did prevail.  

     Now that Cleveland blew that sure victory...  We should root for New England to just beat Baltimore in two weeks...

     The next game we play will not be decided by 6 points or less.   I expect Miami to win by at least 15 points.  You heard me (read me), at least a 15 point victory this week over the New England Patriots.   We are pissed and we know we have a team that can beat anyone, if we are playing well.    I sincerely expect to win out.    I know we have to do that one game at a time.   And, we will.

     Even though I believe that 9-7 will be good enough for Miami to get in, the Phins will finish 10-6: with a 6 game win streak heading into the playoffs.

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I hope your right Dave! This game is a credit to the Dolphins coaching staff. They really had the team ready to play in bad weather. I never count on beating the Patriots. How many games are the Patriots going to win getting flags for HORRIBLE pass interference calls. That call on the Browns was as bad as the ones that were called on the Dolphins earlier this season. We need to be talking about this big time all week. We want the Refs to really be under a microscope for throwing any flags for PI. If it is not obvious PI keep the flags in your pocket. If you throw one, just be aware that it is going to be reviewed in detail and hopefully will cost the ref any chance at getting the super bowl ,or even better their job altogether! Yes, I don't trust the Ref's when it comes to the Patriots. Philbin can't say anything about it in public but we sure can.


I completely agree!. It is why we must completely dominate, so that bad calls have no impact on the final and who wins. We need to go out and dominate them from the starting whistle.


One other comment from the game. Cody Wallace( The Steeler's center) should be reviewed by the league. He gave Randy Starks a cheap shot on a fumble recovery and also had a spear to the back of Koa Misi after a play which he was flagged for.

Here is on video giving the cheap shot to Starks


There is no doubt in my mind that the Koa Misi spear will draw a huge fine. What a coward and cheap shot artist!