Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Miami is Destined to Play in this Super Bowl

Did you know that the Miami Dolphins have played in 3 of the 4 coldest Super Bowls?

1.  The Coldest was in January of 1972 where Dallas Beat Miami in Super Bowl VI 24-3; the game time temperature was 39 degrees.

2.  Three years later was the second coldest at 46 degrees.  Pittsburgh beat Minnesota in Super Bowl IX, 16-6.  

3.  The Perfect Season culminated in the playing of the third coldest Super Bowl at 50 degrees.  The Dolphins went 17-0 that season and beat the Washington Redskins 14-7 (Rice Stadium, Houston Texas) in January of 1973, Super Bowl VII. (The 1972-73 Perfect Season). 

4.  The 4th Coldest Super Bowl (XIX) at 53 degrees was in Stanford Stadium in which Miami lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 38-16.   This was the one and only Dan Marino Super Bowl in 1985.

This years' Super Bowl is more than likely going to be the coldest yet.  It is destiny that Miami be there.

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Very interesting MD.
We may need to get past NE, Buffalo and NY first, plus have Baltimore lose a game otherwise Miami will be there, sitting in section 108.


oh ye of little faith - I thought you were one of the faithful... damn man! I expect to beat New England 35-24.


I have faith in our desire to play hard. There are just so many variables that can get in our way. But if it is meant to be, if it is truly our destiny to win the AFC Championship this year then who am I to stand in the way.


That is why the word "Destiny" was used. It is FATE!


One scenario to keep in mind. Is if the Bengals lose one of the next two games. If that happens and the Dolphins win out, they are in.


That is correct... That is why we are over 50% likely to make playoffs and Baltimore is only 30% likely.


This game just "feels" different. It usually feels like we are against all odds and have to play a perfect game to win. I recall the years of " If the Dolphins get down by more than 14 they have no chance" I feel like we have hit our stride. Tannehill is coming into his own. This is no longer a long shot game. It is a classic veteran QB and Coach against a talented up and coming team. After all the adversity this season and all the rough patches. This is a chance for the Dolphins to come of age.