Friday, December 27, 2013

Jet Week! Now It Gets Personal.

You would think that with a playoff spot on the line the stakes are high enough.

Not this week. Not when its combined with another "Jet Week".

Now the stakes got steep and piled high.

Then let's factor in that I live in Central Jersey, surrounded by Jet fans.

Every last one of them pushing the limits of obnoxious antics. Seeing how far they can go or need to go just to piss you off.

I had a funny, no uneasy is more like it, feeling that this last game of the year was going to come down to us having to beat those dreaded members of "Gang Green" to get into the playoffs.

And sure enough here we are.

The last game setting up a must win at all costs situation.

Most fans live for these weeks. Some even thrive in them.

I could, that is, as long as it wasn't you know who.

You see, up here in Jersey dealing with idiot Jet fans is one thing. Having intelligient conversations with knowledgeable Jet fans is another.

But having to deal with my best friend that I have had for my entire life is a completely different animal all together.

Chooch, that's his nickname, is a Rams fan, mainly.

I say mainly because he also roots for whomever we are playing and especially the Jets.

Oh boy, we have quite a history together.

Starting in the late 70's, when his college roommate's uncle worked the turn styles at Shea and let us in for $5 to coming down to visit me when I lived in West Palm during the 80's.

In that span we have been to 13 Miami Dolphin games together.

Guess what our record is when he attends?

Its not good. Its actually atrocious.

With Chooch in the seats we are 1-12. I kid you not.

That includes games at Shea, the Meadowlands, Foxboro, the Orange Bowl and Joe Robbie. 1-12.

Luckily, Chooch is not  going to the game on Sunday. But unfortunately for me, he isn't headed for the moon either.

No, Chooch will be waiting. No, not waiting, more like lurking.

Like a cheetah waiting to pounce on his prey.

If we lose this game, I will get the call:

"What happened? I didn't see the game. So tell me, what happened?" Then a pregnant pause followed by a very loud venimous "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!! That's what happened!"

This game is not only important for getting into the playoffs, this game can make my entire off season a living hell!!!

God, if you are listening, please I beg you, for my own sanity, let us win this game.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Carl, the last two years we half split wins with the Jets. We won in new Jersey and they won in Miami. The only thing that is going to change this equation to a sweep in pour favor, is if we make a drastic change; START MATT MOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would stay with Tannehill and not look back. He had only one poor outing in the last 5-6 games
Tannehill is the guy!


Carl, where have you been. Tannehill's awkward foot work and unorthodox play calling codes is retarding the offensive line and receivers and causing the rushing defense to get a jump on the offensive line.; not to mention that Tannehill cannot throw the deep ball. The deep ball will put us ahead to stay in the first half! When the Patriots almost went undefeated in 07, they did it by outscoring the opposition. Most of their points were scored in the first half. Matt Moore can accomplish this feat for us. Miami was chosen to get the last spot in the playoffs until it became known that Tannehill was going to start. Now everyone is choosing the Ravens or the Chargers. You live and die by the QB you choose to stay with.


Carl, did you not notice that when Matt Moore went in for a few plays, that the Line held the rush EVERYTIME? That was not a coincidence. WE ARE GOING TO LOOSE WITH TANNEHILL. I just hope Philbin does not wait too late to put Matt Moore in the game. However, if they loose this game, I hope Mr Ross, cleans house with the exception of the defensive coordinator.


If they lose with Tannehill, you can always apply for the head coaching position.


I agree with you Carl. David has some strange bias. Tannehill is a solid if not upper echelon QB. When he has time he makes Defenses pay... I don't want to call David an idiot, but anyone who thinks Moore is better than Tannehill must consider getting mental health treatment. Our coaching staff would never risk their futures on the inferior QB. If Moore were the answer, he would have been inserted after the 4 straight losses early this season. He is not.

David, I feel sorry for you... You are obviously mentally disturbed.


I like Matt Moore he is solid and he can throw a good deep ball. However, he is unpredictable. Buffalo D-Line completely owned our O-Line. There is not much Tannehill could do... well I guess you can force quick passes with their linebackers dropped in coverage, Matt Moore did try that. Result? Yep INT.


Love the post Carl. I took Sunday off to watch the game and a friend ask why I did that just for a 3 hour game on TV I could record. I did not really know how to explain it to someone that does get the rush for a game like this. This clip from Vision Quest is about the best explanation I could think of. Games like this is what it is all about!


Not to get personal here, but I agree with MD's good point that Moore would have started earlier in the year and Tannehill is the real deal if given time to throw.


Good point gofins4sb!


Thanks gofins4sb, I really appreciate your loyalty and compliments.
I will try to watch the link later.
And thank God for true blue fans like yourself who will juggle their schedule to watch a huge game that their team is playing in.
You're the best!


What's your prediction this week MD-stradamus?
You have a great record the last half of the season.


Just a link to get you pumped up for the game :P


I predict an 11 point victory.... 27 - 16.


I think so too. 17-6....Tannehill throws for 220, 2 TDs, lots of punts.
We control field position and win turnover battle 2-0

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Great post, but I don't think we need God's help here. Just some solid work by our offensive front five will do.

Besides, God should save himself for the Chargers against the Cheifs!

Phins Up!


Linearz, then I pray you are correct!