Sunday, December 01, 2013

How Dominant Was Our Defense Against The Jets

Check out these numbers:

5:48 Jets first half time of possession

21:08 Jets total time of possession

13 total Jets drives

1:37 avg time of Jets drives

4 Jets drives of less than 49 seconds

5 Jets drives between 1:11 and 1:39

3 Jets drives between 2:07 and 2:32

1 Jets drive for 5:12

6 three plays and punt by Jets

1 three plays for 11 yards ends with Ellerbe interception

1 four plays for only 9 yds

2 five plays end with punt and fumble recovered by Wheeler

1 nine plays ends with Grimes interception

1 eleven plays ends with FG

2-12 Jets 3rd down conversions

0-2 Jets 4th down conversions

Congrats Defense!!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Firstly, it does not get much better as a Dolphins fan. Completely destroying the Jets leaves a warm fuzzy feeling :) With that being said there have been a lot of critics like Omar Kelly that have ripped on Tannehill all season long. Is Tannehill in the same class as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Of course he is not. However, when you see what is like for the Jets having Geno Smith, you really appreciate having a solid quarterback. In fact we have two quarterbacks ( you could probably even argue we have 3 quarterbacks) on our roster that are better than what the Jets are starting. Tannehill is also still developing. However, I for one feel pretty good to have Tannehill and Matt Moore after watching the Jets, not just for todays game, but also for the future!


You are so right gofins4sb! I couldn't agree more. As soon as Tannehill completely relaxes out there, he is gonna be amazing. He still misses passes at big moments. On both 4th down passes, Hartline and Clay were open and he missed them. These are the plays he has to start making. As soon as he starts throwing those passes like they are 1st and 10, he can be elite.



I tried to tell you we would dominate the Jets. I still feel that if we win 3 of 4, we are in!

Win out and their is no doubt in my mind we are in... Baltimore will lose at least 2 maybe 3 of 4 (our only hurdle).


Yes are making a believer out of me with your predictions...Baltimore finishes at Detroit, hosts NE, at Cincinnati and maybe next week AD can run rampant for the Vikes...we have a tough road ourselves but if we get in, we will be a very tough out


Tough? we have Jets, Bills and Pittsburgh and NE (only tough game). Our defense is coming into form at the right time. This is the time for that hot-streak I keep talking about. We can move the ball - no doubt. That is a pretty good defense we just made look silly. And, Our defense is playoff ready. I think our opponents are more worried about us than we are about them.

Yes, Vikes could make the phins very happy. As an FSU alum, I sure hope Ponder has a career game next week. Or, if Cassel is still the QB, I hope he and superman have great games. However - I am not expecting it. I still say those last 3 games will decide Baltimore's fate. I see 3 losses.

Even if Baltimore runs the table, that means a victory over CINCI (IND @PIT MIN BAL), which could easily lose 3 games as well, which means we would have the tiebreaker.

I feel that the Phins have a 75% chance of making the playoffs if they beat Pittsburgh next Sunday - and weather is expected to be above freezing which makes the game winnable.


Jets defensive secondary was pretty banged up so they didn't blitz much. Cromartie was slowed and needed help. The safeties were out, Ed Reed started who is not the Ed Reed we knew. But surprisingly our Online did a great job with their Dline which is very good. But if Jets could have blitzed more than a few times, could have been a different story. They couldn't risk leaving the secondary one on one. The point I am making is I wouldn't hang my hat on beating up the Jets right now.
Pitt will be a tough game. They are phydical. We aren't beating teams up. We can't even get a half a yard when we need it. And if we fall behind the stakes Dick Lebeau is coming after us. They already have 7 losses so they have nothing to lose.
We couldn't beat Buffalo at home. So now we go there. Not a gimme.
Jets are terrible so unless some Miracle happens there that should be a W.
New England is a test to see were we have gotten to this season.
We could run the table and we could go 2-2 or 1-3 or even 3-1. I just want us to finish strong and see were we wind up then.


I saw 4 or 5 red-dog blitzes (5 player blitz) and a couple full on 6 player blitzes, we picked them all up, except on one red-dog play. Pittsburgh's team is really beat up on Defense, Also, they are slow. We should win by 2 scores (if we can handle the weather). Besides NE, Buffalo is our next toughest opponent. I sincerely believe that our team believes they are a playoff team. Our Offensive play-calling has been much better lately, and the defense has gelled. Everyone is doing their job.

I will quit watching football if we go 1-3. But, 2-2 is possible and that would effectively eliminate us from the playoffs. I am certain that our team will be playing each game as if it were a playoff game. We will win 3. I feel quite confident.


MD I know the players know whats on the line. I know they are confident and they have the potential. I just want to see it. They can make believers out of a lot of people with these next 4 games.
Tannehill has to start hitting those big plays like the two 4th down plays he missed on Sunday. Under threw wide open Hartline. Over threw wide open Clay. Its not like he was under duress on them. These can haunt us later.
Sturgis is inconsistent and Pitt is tough to kick in.
We can't get one darn yard running the ball when we need it.
These are my only issues with the team.
If those get straightened out, the first two definitely right now, the last with the draft, we can get into playoffs this year and make a run for Super Bowl next year. But if we don't, we are destined for close but no cigar.


Pittsburgh is not very good, but they are rested. I worry about that more. Yes, we all want to see more consistency in every aspect every play. I get it.


I want to see the kicker get his act together!
I want Tannehill to FINALLY hit one of his receivers deep in stride! Just once already. We are week 13 now.
I want to get a darn friggin yard running the ball!
These are issues MD. Do you wanna be the top of the middle or the top of the league?


If they are not very good then they are not very good. Well rested or not.