Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From the 2 seed to missing the playoffs

    From the 2 seed to missing the playoffs...   The range of possibilities is amazing with only two games left to play.  Rarely is there this many possibilities this late in the season.

      1.  Win Out, Patriots lose out, and Indy, Bengals, and/or Ravens all finish at 10-6 (or the 2 division winners finish 10-6 anyway) - Miami then wins the division and is the number two seed.

      2.  Lose 2 and miss the playoffs (7% chance the Dolphins could still back in at 8-8 - but who wants that?).

   If the Bengals or Ravens lose this week, Miami can lose a game and still get in relatively easily...

    The only way this should play-out is getting into the playoffs winning 5 straight... It would serve us well - and it would serve notice to the NFL that Miami has finally arrived.  The Dolphins are a very young team with a (soon to be franchise) QB getting better and better.

   Buffalo is a very bad match-up for the Phins.  Their strength is that Defensive Line.  It can be argued that the Bills D-Line is better than the Ravens' or the Bengals'.    So, like Keith Sims says, Miami's coaching staff must keep that defense from teeing-off on Tannehill.   On the other hand, the Dolphins should have no problem beating the Jets.  South Florida's team is far superior.
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I have been seeing all the playoff scenarios being run through all week. But this game is not about that. I was in Miami for the loss to Buffalo. It was awful, I was dejected. I felt the team was so much better than that..... Sure we beat the Patriots, sure we have playoff possibilities. Whatever,... we owe Buffalo. After that game and all the Martin drama over losing his job to Big Mac. It was as rough of a stretch for everyone I have ever seen. The owner, the mangers, the coaches, the players, and the fans. The Dolphins were done according to "experts" on TV, they were going to clean house, "they lacked leadership"... we all heard it everywhere. Enough was enough Philbin told the players to defend themselves, and they came together. The Dolphins now are the very definition of a team. This is the video from after that Buffalo game.... This is what the game is about on Sunday!


Yes sir.... I sure hope our players feel this way - I know we as fans all do. WE DO OWE THEM.

You are absolutely correct. We are a team right now... And, if we win out, I expect this team will be a close group for long time. If we win out, I think we can beat any AFC team in the playoffs. The toughest teams would be Ravens and Pats. We would kill (most likely) KC, Indy, Cinci and even Denver. So, let's get to that second season and make some noise!


Yes MD, you are corect-amundo!! (See if you know where that's from)

Could you imagine getting the 2 seed after all we've been through. I'll take winning the next 2 and be thankful. We are gonna be a tough out if we get in on a roll.

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Fonzee, right? I have a feeling we have enough film on Buffalo now that we can keep Tannehill upright... If their defense doesn't score, Bills won't win this game. The Jets can't beat Miami this year.


Fonzee it is MD.
Let's all go to Arnold's to watch the game.
Just don't invite Potsie.