Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dolphins do not get flexed

This makes for an interesting story line, the Dolphins and Ravens play at 1 while the Chargers play at 4. This means that if the Dolphins and Ravens win then the Chargers would be eliminated and have nothing to play for and depending on the result impacts the who gets in. In this scenario a Chargers win means the Dolphins get in and a loss means the Ravens are in. However I believe the Chargers will still play hard do to the fact that they have practiced hard all week and want to end on a good note.

I for one will be doing a lot of scoreboard watching, looking at the Ravens and Bengals game. And if the Dolphins and Ravens both win I will be a big Chargers fan. Even though we lost I still like our chances because the Ravens could easily lose to the Bengals and the Chargers have already beaten the Chiefs and the Chiefs could be resting their starters. Plus we blew out the Jets in New York 3 weeks ago so why not again next week. This is one crazy ride.
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Just out of curiosity can anyone figure out what Andy Reid did historically with the Eagles when there is no benefit to winning a game at the end of the season? The Chargers chances of winning will go up dramatic if he chooses to sit some of his best players. The Chiefs are the # 5 seed no matter what happens so I would think he does not want to risk getting his players hurt. Playoff spot or not the Chargers should bring the best they have. Either will be last game of the season for them or playoff shot. As you said they will practicing for a chance at a playoff spot all week. The Bengals look hot and want to win bad, 2 or 3 seed vs 4 seed is a possible bye and also a possible home game. So in the matchup category we appear to have advantage on paper. But as we all know that means exactly squat once the game starts. I personally define the whole season on this game. Win and finish 9-7 no matter what happens with the playoffs I consider it solid season in the right direction with a very good outlook for next year. However, if they don't show up and lose to the Jets to finish 8-8. It turns out like another average season.


I looked it up and made a post about it. Basically he has sat out his players and I went more in depth about it. It was a great point to make