Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dolphins control their own destiny

What a day to be a Miami Dolphins fan. Huge win and now with that Bengals lost we are in control as to whether we make the playoffs. 2 wins and we are in. It is that simple. This is due to the fact we beat the Bengals and they play the Ravens in week 17, so the loser would essentially be eliminated. And that is if the Ravens win the next two versus the Patriots and Lions. It is looking good for our chances to make the playoffs, this is exciting. Plus we are still mathematically able to be the number 2 seed. Crazy season.
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WOW! What a win. This win was huge for the whole franchise. Stadium sounded like it was rocking on TV. I really hope Grimes is ok. Sounds Carol is ok from what I have seen coming out so far. Looked like cramps fro Grimes, I hope it is not anything serious. And big Bengals loss allowing Dolphins control of their own fate. This has been such a wild season. Even more exciting to me is that the Dolphins are such a young team that is coming into their own. We should be a competitive team for years to come. Also special to thanks to Dave for getting the word out loud on the Refs. They called a clean game.(every little bit helps) There was PI once on both sides and they were both very obvious. At the end of the game it seemed liked the Pats were flipping out for PI on every single incomplete pass trying to get a tick tac call and the Refs let the players decide it! Here is a question for everyone. The Pats ran WR screen passes a lot in this game. I saw on one Pats WR went way low on a block to one of the Dolphins 2-3 yds down field. I was thinking that is not legal or is that only on special teams? I was thinking hitting at the knees downfield was illegal. Just curious. Also, I know people have been harsh on coaching ( I was one of them after the last pats game). Obvious you need to make adjustments during the game which they did today. But coaching is also about development and ability to cross position players for depth. A couple that come to mind. Nate Garner and Jimmy Wilson. Nate Garner is avg veteran O-Linemen which may not seem like a big deal. But he is basically our back-up guard, back-up center, and back-up tackle. He can play all those position at a level that won't cost you a game. Jimmy Wilson is our 3rd Safety and also back-up corner. It takes a lot of time and coaching to be able to cross players over like that. They are actively teaching Dion Jordon how to play all over as well. Just reminds of the Shula days and Jim Jensen. Also, they are directly impacting the development of players into stars. Hartline, Tannehill, Clay, Vernon. It would not surprise me if all these guys are pro bowl players next season.


Yes you can block below the waist beyond the neutral zone.
Grimes may have reinjured his hamstring.
Everything is starting to click. Very exciting.