Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cody Wallace should be suspended or fined

Cody Wallace the offensive lineman who got way to personal with Randy Starks should be suspended or at least fined for what he did. I thought the NFL would be reviewing the play and issuing the fine already but it has been a few days since it has happened and I am wondering whether the NFL will do anything. Starks said this is the first time this has ever happened to him and it was probably a good thing he did not know who did it because he would have been thrown out of the game for what he would have done. Below is the GIF if you have not seen it already.
With the whole talk about "bullying in the workplace" isn't sexual assault worse than bullying? Where is this investigation? 


  1. Looks like he is trying to fist Starks.

    1. yea, a low blow. first the coach now the player

  2. Jealous of Cameron Wake, Cody Wallace went for a sack of his own!

  3. To be clear I am not a Steelers hater, but if the league come down on the Dolphins in the form of a draft pick penalty for bully gate, then I would come back to three things. 1.) Cody Wallace sexually assaulted Randy Starks on tape. ( I am going to assume there was nothing worse than this done to Martin) Cody Wallace attempted to hurt Koa Misi by spearing him in the back after the play(which did knock him out of the game). ( Isn't that basically the same thing as bounty gate?) and Steelers corner back Ike Taylor got blown up helmet to helmet by Ryan Clark. Yet was back in the game few plays later. Are you seriously going to tell me he did not get a concussion on that play? I understand it is the NFL and am not going after the Steelers as an organization, however, I am pointing out the league has to be objective with the Dolphins. I have a feeling they did not do anything worse than the Steelers in the this one game.(right after the whole sideline thing)