Monday, December 09, 2013

2 Thoughts from Pittsburgh Game

1.   I think everyone needs to realize that the last play of the game would have been called back anyway as all scoring plays within the last 2 minutes are reviewed.  I have reviewed the tape 50 times, and I am certain Rothlisberger threw a forward pass when he tossed it to Brown.    Rothlisberger threw it from the 32 and 1/2 yard line and it was received at the 33 1/2 yard line.   So, the score was never going to stand anyway.

2.  After the Pittsburgh game (week 14), Tannehill is ranked in the top 10 at QB.    Okay, let me say that again.  Right now, Ryan Tannehill is ranked 10th out of all of the Quarterbacks in the NFL.   Wow! 

Of course, after the Monday night's game against Chicago, I fully expect that Tony Romo to overtake Tanny in passing yards.   But hey, if Ryan Tannehill finishes in the top 12 this year in yards with all that has happened this year...  it will be so sweet. something to build on...

BTW - Ryan has 20 TDs with three games to play.  25 TD passes is not out of the question.

I sincerely believe that Ryan's effectiveness has improved these last 4 games because the threat of running the ball has creeped into the minds of the defenders.  Tannehill is a threat as a runner and the league knows it now.
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Hell yeah!!! Phins up!


OMG what is this! Someone writing something positive for Tannehill. Way to go Dave! I have been saying since the season started to watch Omar Kelly when Tannehill starts to improve. He is going to act like he has not been ripping on him. People keep comparing him to Manning, Brees, Brady. These are long time veteran hall of fame quarterbacks. Tannehill is a solid quarterback that is steadily improving, go through all the QB's in the league and pick one you would trade Tannehill for to be your QB for the next 10 years. That will tell you something. This is only his second season after only really one season starting in college. The level he is playing at is very impressive considering his experience. He is going to be our starting QB for a long time. Is he the next Manning or Brady? Who knows. But he is a solid QB. Something we have not had in a LONG time. Sure Pennington had one decent season but he was very limited in the throws he could make at that point in his career. Also, I think when we look back 5 years from now, we are going to see just how special that draft was. Wilson, Luck, RG IIII, Tannehill, all look like long time starters in the league. Weeden will at least be around as a back-up for a long time and don't forget Osweiler has been learning behind Manning. I think it is going to go down as the best QB draft since 1983. I personally love we will go into this off season with Tannehill/Moore/Devlin. What luxury to not even have to worry about using your cap space and draft picks in the offseason for the QB position.


im so happy i finally heard something about that forward pass! i was screaming at my tv that it was one, but the announcers never even mentioned it. Glad im not completely crazy!