Monday, November 11, 2013

This MESS will actually PULL this Locker Room TOGETHER

At first, I was thinking here we go again - Another self-made reason for this team to give itself as an excuse to fail. 

However, after further reflection, this whole mess with Martin/Incognito is just the kind of thing that brings players together.   I felt at the beginning of the season, we were a "TEAM."   I sense now that we are getting back to that.   I believe the coaching staff will get the team ready for tonight, but most importantly, the veterans will step it up and provide the leadership that had been lacking during our 4 game slide.   We will play well tonight.  

And, make no mistake about it.   This will be a slug-fest.   Tampa Bay wants to get out of the out-house and into the win column in a bad way.   This is like a playoff game to them.   We will have to be ready for their best. 

Luckily, I think this little melodrama was just the kick in the pants this team needed.   I sincerely believe that we will play very well for the rest of the season.  I believe we will make the playoffs.  And, that starts tonight in prime time after a most interesting 11 days.   We are rested.   We are galvanized in the locker room.  We are ready to take this to the next level.  I predict a convincing win as the game unfolds.  We may get our nose bloodied some tonight, but we will come out victorious.

Miami 31- Tampa Bay 19
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I couldn't agree more.

I've been saying all week that this controversy will get the team itself fired up and I fully expect them to come out playing hard and come away with a win.
I sure as hell feel that this coaching staff doesn't get the team fired up so I think the week's drama will.

Joe Philbin looks like he's perpetually at a wake when I see him on the sideline every week. I know Sparano tended to over do it, but this guy is like a zombie.

Maybe the OL shake-up will force us to ditch the fancy zone-coverage scheme we didn't quite have enough of the required the personnel for yet, and we can simplify and get back to some "smash-mouth- block-the-guy-in-front-of-you-old-school-football."


On another note, If 3rd rd. pick Dallas Thomas can't even get himself "activated" with this "truly offensive" line, where can he play?
Do we have to be all PC and wait till next year to call him a bust?
Besides Dion Jordan--who need to play more, Caleb Sturgis--who needs to get his confidence back, and the occasional sighting of 7th rd pick Don Jones--who plays hard, it's like we might as well have had half a draft.

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Yeah man... I agree. I kept telling all who would listen prior to the preseason that Incognito and Jerry, and Clabo could not play zone because their feet were too slow to react with any leverage - zone offensive line blocking takes quick, lighter players - aka Denver Broncos for the last decade... I thought Martin and Pouncey could play zone... I was right about Pouncey and completely wrong about Martin in every aspect....

However, I doubt OC Mike Sherman will admit defeat just yet. They will continue to zone-block - luckily the backups are lighter and quicker.

If Philbin wants to keep his job, Mike Sherman has to go... He has called about 4 quarters of good plays out of 32 quarters. I would rather Tannehill call the plays than Mike Sherman.


I absolutely agree with the team playing better, one of Ireland's failures was replacing Jerry and Incognito in the off season. I have no issue not having franchise tackles, but you need good ones, and you need solid guards as well. A solid all around line is more important - like the Pats, year after year. Mike Sherman's scheme's have killed this team - use the talent you have, don't try and reinvent the wheel.


I agree MD. This will be a slugfest. We have a tough stretch now with San Diego and Carolina, Pitt, Buffalo, Patriots and 2 with the Jets. This game could catapult us.
We need to win big and show the world we put this crap behind us as a TEAM!
Good post MD.
Miami 27-13 we TB scoring a late garbage TD