Monday, November 04, 2013

This can't end well

Martin left the team, then went to his agent, providing some "evidence" and that was presented to the team and the NFL.

Incognito is implicated and suspended "indefinitely"...

Both are currently off the team, and its unclear if either will return this season.

If Incognito were to come back, how does the team feel?  And how does Philbin deal with it?

If Martin comes back, how do the other players respond?  He left, called out teammates, and went to his agent, which in the football culture isn't the way to do things.  Surely, some won't like it.

And if both come back, can they kiss and makeup?

What if neither comes back?  That's two positions to fill in an already shaky o-line.  And there's still the Pouncey thing hanging over the team.  Who knows if he'll finish out the season, or have his head in the game.

To me, this screams of a coaching problem.  Say what you will about Philbin and his overall coaching style.  This all happened on his watch, and got out of control quickly - and there's no easy way out for him or the team. Frankly, I would argue that *he* should be suspended for not handling a situation that was brewing, and letting it get to the media and become a distraction.

I guess that's the dolphins' idea of "transparency" - stuff happens and no one talks about it.
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