Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The bullying scandal

A quick comment for those of you still thinking too much is being made of essentially nothing.  Its entirely possible you are right in a general sense.  And its also possible (and seems to be likely) that it goes on in every locker room.  But it doesn't make it right in 2013.

And the driving issue for the NFL is....fear of government interference.  Back when the tapes were destroyed in the Patriots scandal, several people on capitol hill, and more importantly the justice department, warned the NFL that it had tampered with evidence in what could be a criminal case.  And that their defacto anti-trust status could be in jeopardy if they ever did it again.

We hear there was some bluster behind the scenes that they may charge Roger Goodell with a crime for his role in the tape destruction if he didn't heed their warnings....

Anyway, a year later the Saints bounty scandal became the big news and NFL investigated somewhat publicly and came down hard.  There was a lot of stuff with that story that was lost in the news - like the guy who was a convicted felon (he had stolen and resold merchandise from the NFL) who was involved in some there's no way to know for sure they were thorough, but they certainly gave an impression of doing the right things.

And here we are today.  Goodell will handle this in a similar way: public and probably will come down hard on those he thinks deserve it, and make some changes to the way teams are governed.  Its not because he wants to - its because he feels he has to.

Can't cook the goose that lays the golden egg, after all.  Things can't simply be handled in house, and tapes destroyed....

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I do think this is a bit different in that both The Patriots and Saints attempted to hide things. Miami brought the NFL in right away. Furthermore the Dolphins did not gain competitive advantage against other teams vs taping plays or trying to hurt star players. So it is my hope they are not punished as a franchise. I think Ross has already decided to fire Ireland for this and I predict it will happen before the season ends. Philbin will get the year to audition for the next GM. I personaly think JM participated in this culture as well and is a bit of a hypocrite on top of being a selfish and pathetic person. But they still have to change things so Martin Incognito and Ireland are all gone. I don't think anyone really cares they are gone. I will throw in one more speculation based on observation. I think Mike Pouncey is in trouble. It might be the issue with guns and Hernandez or he participated in bullying Martin or both. But he looked weathered in his interview before the bucs game, the Dolphins were all over what he said to the media, and he punched someone in the game.He acts like a man that has problems coming down the pipeline. Unlike Martin or Incognito he is a young talented player the Dolphins need to build with. I hope I am wrong.


Good call. Competitive advantage is important. But goodell is working to protect the league from any potential impropriety.

As for Pouncey, I wholeheartedly agree. Dude is probably I'm a lot of trouble for whatever reason.


Competitive edge and lack thereof is exactly why we won't be penalized as a team via draft picks.
The NFL will send out new Human Resource guidelines to all teams.
Now Ross' committee is a different ball of wax. They may suggest some additional guidelines for the Dolphins but I believe they are going to report whether or not Ireland is worth keeping. By Ireland suggesting to Martin's agent that Martin should punch Incognito, he has put himself in the cross hairs. Despite this blunder, if the committee feels that Ireland is a good GM and he is worth saving, then Ross will keep him and fine him. It's not like Ireland has a track record of saying the wrong thing or acting stupid with player relationships. One mistake will be excused.
However, if the committee reports that Ireland is not a good GM, then Ross will have the confidence to let Ireland go.
Philbin will survive unless a new GM is hired and wants to make a change. Ross won't fire him on his own.


The Dolphins will be fully scapegoated in this.

The leagues front office - especially Goddell is the most accountable of all for this whole scandal. He knew perfectly well that NFL teams were hazing and bullying every single rookie that came into this league for decades.

The Chiefs had a player bring a handgun into their facility last season and blow his brains out right there. In light of this Goddell decided to do nothing about hazing in 32 lockerrooms.
So lets face it ALL: This moment was inevitable. In fact we all got away with one - the Martin did not go postal on this team - or that some other player did not go postal.
Now you see every single reporter and announcer and every one else closing ranks. The Dolphins are the whipping boys because it was their organization that got the draw of an unstable, selfish, greedy, arrogant family in Martin and alcoholic, mean spirited mysogenistic punk in Incognito.

Expect the full firing of the entire coaching staff. Lost draft picks, salary cap sanctions and every other handicapping penalty these school marms can throw our way to incentivize the ownership of this team to move out of Miami.

The Dolphins are the scapegoat of the front offices that will do anything to avoid their culpability in this mess - which in my perception is nearly 100%.


@Thefirstman don't forget that incognito's dad said that martin attempted suicide 3 times. Grain of salt and such.