Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That hurt!

I am suffering.   And the only cure is winning.   However, I refuse to point fingers.   That is left for the weak-minded. 

We need to play better on Defense in the crunch.  We need the Offensive Line to play better on every play.  We need better play calling - MOVE TANNEHILL AROUND.  If he sits there in the pocket, defenses tee-off on the young QB. 

I beseech you Miami Dolphins Players - get tough and do your job - for you, your fans, and your teammates. 

All that said - Please keep in mind.   We still have a great chance to make the play-offs.

We of faith still believe.  Please prove me right!
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I am losing faith because our coaching staff is terrible. Why aren't Starks and Soliai out there together all the time. Why is Wake out of the game so much. Why aren't Vernon and Jordan playing more. Is there a reason why the defense is continually cycled for no reason? Croyle's scheme was terrible and these new linebackers can't tackle. It also looks like we signed the wrong safety to a long term deal. I don't even need to talk about the offense, If Philbin wants any chance of keeping his job he should fire Sherman and call his own plays for the rest of the year. How about playing Wallace underneath and going long to Hartline, on a roll out - and max protect! I am not one to usually say gut the team but no one is doing anything right!


I'm more than willing to point a finger at the coaching staff. Coyle has talent on the defense, but they're playing worse overall than before he got here. Same with the offense; the o-line, passing game, and running game are worse than last year. Yes, they're finally scoring TDs in the red zone, but the problem is that they're just not getting to the red zone often enough. IMO, the offensive and defensive schemes brought in by Philbin and his coaches aren't very good and are a poor fit for this team!