Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tampa Bay Is A Tough Out

You would think this should be an easy "W" facing an 0-8 team that just lost an OT heart breaker in Seattle on Sunday. But the Bucs have been playing teams tough.

They opened the season on the road with a 1 point loss to the scum of the earth (Jets). Followed that with a 2 point loss at home against the Saints.  They lost by 3 to both the Cardinals and ofcourse Seattle on Sunday.

They have been blown out on the road by the Pats (23-3) and at home by the climbing Panthers (31-13).

They also lost at home to the Eagles (31-20) and at the Falcons (31-23).

Statistically, their Offense has been struggling, averaging only 15.5 points per game on the season (31st in the league) but they have scored over 20 points in 3 of their last 4 games.  They are ranked 31st in the league for total yards, 31st in passing and 18th in rushing.

Statistically, their Defense is pretty smack dab right in the middle of the pack, giving up 23.8 points per game (17th). They are ranked 17th in total yards, 15th against the pass and 13th against the run.

If this wasn't a Monday Night game, I would believe we could get a quick lead on them and then our defense would have a field day.  But it is and they will come out fired up as all hell.

And because it is a Monday Night game with the entire world watching,  we will be ready to play too.

I just hate playing teams that are 0-whatever. The higher the number, the worse.  You just know they are due.

Plus factor in this distraction.  Oy vey.

As a fan, the pressure is enormous because who wants to listen to your friends ragging on you about how you lost to the lowly Bucs.  You're supposed to beat those guys.

Plus, I live up here in Jersey, surrounded by obnoxious scum of the earth (Jets) fans.

Any given Sunday, right.  That's the NFL.

The Bucs are a lot tougher than 0-8.  And we are a lot tougher than 4-4.

We really need a good week of practice. 

Tannehill could have a big game.  Miller could too.  Our defense could have a monster game.

Then again, it is the NFL and on any given Sunday or Monday Night for that matter, 0-fors turn into winners eventually.

Why couldn't the Bucs have just hung on in Seattle and won on Sunday?  Why!?!?!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Good Article Carl. DO NOT sleep on Tampa. The Dolphins need a win for a variety of reasons. They are in the playoff hunt and also we need to put the drama behind a bit. Look as of right now it is looking like the star players of the team and the coach were not aware of this issue. Call them out of touch if you want, but as ugly as this issue has been the rest of team has the rest of the season and playoffs to go. We can't afford to over look Tampa!


No we can't overlook them gofins4sb. In a sense, being on MNF, may be the best thing for us. National audience. Nobody wants to be embarrassed. They should be focused.
We are right in the thick of the playoff hunt.