Monday, November 04, 2013

Players Focusing On Tampa Bay....Thank God

As Coach Philbin handles the press and tries to get this story behind us, the players and assistant coaches have been going about their business of getting ready to play at Tampa Bay on MNF.

We are going to need a good week of practice.  And staying focused will help in that endeavor.

Glad to hear the players are not getting sucked into this black hole of media attention.

With Philbin at the podium, the remainder of the team can attempt to conduct business as usual.

Let's hope it continues to work out this way.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Carl, I am excited about this MNF game. I expect Miami will have a winning record after Monday. Let's talk football, not melodramas.


I hear ya MD. This is a big game for us. Away on MNF and facing an 0-8 team. I hate facing teams either 0-? or had just lost the previous week. They are due and they aren't that bad. Lost a lot of close games.
We need to get Miller more than 11 carries.


Miller and Thomas behind... TE Michael Egnew... Who would of thunk it? We will run for over 135 as a team, I'm sure!


I think so too. MiIler is starting to get his legs under him and if he would have cut left, he would have scored easily instead of getting stripped of the ball inside the 5.