Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Strength Has Become A Weakness

We get a pick by Jimmy Wilson, fail to punch it in and kick a field goal to extend our short lived lead to 4 points with 10 ticks left on the clock in the 3rd period.

We are facing a reeling quarterback starting from his 20 yard line with only the 4th quarter and a good 80 yards from changing the storyline in our locker room.

A 3 and out will surely sink the Bucs down to 0-9.

With all the momentum on our side and a great opportunity to put ourselves in the forefront for the 6 seed, our defense acts like it's Throwback 80's Night

Bucs rush for 8 yards, then 11, 3, 6 and 2 before hitting a 17 yard pass down to our 33 yard line.

Next down 1 yard gain on the ground.  "Ok, let's stuff 'em here and force a long field goal:"

Wishful thinking.

Bobby Rainey goes left for 31 yards down to our 1 yard line.

1 play later, we are down by 3.

The Bucs went 80 yards in 9 plays taking 5 minutes off the clock with 8 rushing plays for 63 yards.

They blew us off the ball early and blew us off late.

They jumped out to a 15 point lead by dominating the line of scrimmage.  And finished us off the same way.

Our defensive line was supposed to be our biggest strength.  We should've been able to make the Bucs one dimensional.  Put the ball in the hands of their quarterback. The one with no NFL wins on his resume.

Instead, we watched a slow death begin at the start of the 4th quarter.  Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound.  And with backup RB Brian Leonard, no less, carrying the heavy bags.

It looked like a flashback to the 80's. A wide awake nightmare.

Our O-line couldn't get our running game kick started but at least for 58 minutes they kept Tannehill upright.

Then they collapsed as well.  We sort of expect 2 sacks in a game with that unit. Actually, more.

But they held up and Tannehill played well enough to win this game.

He had a hot hand tonite. I guess when we went all-in with 3 minutes left, our house of cards tumbled over.

However, this loss belongs on our defensive line.  They better own up to this one.

It was their fault. No one else's. 140 yards rushing. Ouch.

And who saw that coming?

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