Friday, November 29, 2013

NFL Network Re-Airing '93 Leon Lett Thanksgiving Day Game

If you want to watch a classic football game again or if for some reason you missed it in 1993, now is your chance to view a replay of the 1993 Thanksgiving Day game between the host Dallas Cowboys and our visiting Miami Dolphins.

With Don Shula on the sidelines, the Miami Dolphins fought their way through a rare T-Day sleet and frozen snow storm in Dallas to steal a victory from the hands of sure defeat.

The NFL Network is re-airing this game in its entirety on Saturday November 30th at 11 AM, so set your DVRs and/or your DVD recorders in order to get a second opportunity to watch Pete Stoyanovich's second opportuntiy at winning this game with a last second Field Goal.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
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If you want to watch just the sequence of events surrounding the blocked FG and Leon Lett's blunder, click on the youtube link below
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