Thursday, November 07, 2013

National interest grows

True football fans hate it. But this just won't go away. At an early press conference phillbin said he would only talk about the game; and the conference only lasted a few minutes. Because who wants to talk about that?

Then at a later conference, he started with "I hope you guys didn't pull a hamstring...." and then made a brief statement and only talked about this. Then several players came out and only talked about this.

And while I was glad to hear them actually speak up, rather than hide, there are two inherent problems: there's an active investigation, and saying too much could be detrimental. And what they pretty much said was "we support incognito and not Martin, and kinda sorta don't want Martin back".

And that's a problem under the CBA. Martin it seems wouldn't be welcome back. That's not gonna fly.

And then there was a report that Jeff Ireland was aware of the issue because martins agent called him. We also hear that Ireland told him to man up.  Out if context, that sounds bad for Ireland.

Then there was a report of the head of the NFLPA asking for agents for both players to
meet and settle this.

And it's becoming more of an NFL issue simply because reporters in other cities are asking players and coaches to weigh in, one would assume to try and break a similar story in another city.

And that reminds me: one of the fins players made a comment that this was a nothing, a joke, and essentially that martin overreacted, and reporters had made too much of "nothing"

Say what you will, that's a red flag right there. About the culture of football. About how people are treated in locker rooms.

At one point, you may recall, the military came under scrutiny for similar behaviors and was forced to change. It's time for football to change too.
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BS...before long we'll have girls on the team with this thinking. Men are slowly having their manhood taken away while women are viewed as more manly every day.

Just disgusting to see the transformation of what were real men 50-60 years ago into girly men by all of the liberal bed wetters. Disgusting!

Martin needs to get a testosterone shot!

And I'm sure our military is much stronger as a result of the changes! Who do you want on the front lines defending you, women and girly men or bad ass tough guys with nuts?


What a joke - that the military "was forced to change". The military is a culture of REAL bullying - this NFL stuff is a bunch of nonsense.

Martin was paid 3/4 of a million dollars to play football.

Gust in the locker room are a bunch of elite athletes that often have life handed to them on a silver platter.

I have no problem with them getting rich - and enjoy the lavishes that bestowed upon them.

I do have a problem with the League and the media coming in with their holier then thou attitude about any of it because each and every league official and media personnel make their living off of ALL of it - and that was for decades.

This is beyond preposterous - all of it! The NFL should sue itself for creating and condoning a culture of extreme violence and grandiose immaturity...I mean really its all that stupid.


If a soldier as a higher up that is/was out to get him - good luck. How is CPT Jones or PVC Smith gonna have any recourse against a higher up who targets him - especially if in that field their is/was $ involved with the training or arena in which they are working.

But in the NFL guys are paid a hefty sum to smash each other as hard as humanly possible.

The hit on our tight-end in pre-season was WAY more criminal then all of this put together.

I mean really : The NFL set that player up - in pre-season none the less. And his career was destroyed.

No-one was taken to task about that. The commisioner was held accountable? No he sipped his coffer - JERK!

Martin was treated no differently then most every and any other player in the league.

Guys respond differently - and other guys who dishing it out respond depending on who they are and how they feel about it.

But for him to blow this up in this fashion ought to be something that the league collapses on itself and punishes itself for - as if that would be possible.

Sanction yourself - sue yourself - you cooked it!