Sunday, November 03, 2013

Martin May Be A Bigger Man Than We Think

Injuries are a part of the game.

Players have to play through them at one point or another during their careers. After all, football is a spartan sport. Filled with collisions.

The body can only take so much contact and force. Something has to give.

They get physical therapy and sometimes are placed on injured reserve.

We lost a few players already with knee injuries. There is just no way to play through those.

Teams list their injury reports weekly so teams, fans and bettors alike can see what is ailing them.

We call many players gamers.  They suit up and battle despite their physical woes.

They are tough. Men's men.

Then there are injuries that aren't as visible. Those who only those suffering through them and possibly those closest to them know about.

These are mental health injuries. These I know about first hand.

My brother suffers from them.  He has been on mental disability for close to 15 years now.

At first, we thought he was lazy, unmanageable, without any consideration for how his actions would affect others.

And then he snapped.

He seeked the help he needed.  He is on medication. He attends therapy.  He will never live the normal life we all seem to have.

But it is a good life none the less because he is loved by family and friends.  He is a good son, brother and uncle.

Now we understand.  Now we appreciate the battles he was facing day in and day out.

How he survived his mental illness prior to diagnosis?  I don't know.

How tough was it on him? Had to be very hard.

Its the not knowing what it is that's the worst part of any injury.

I do not know what ails Jonathan Martin.  I am not implying he suffers from a mental health issue although signs are leading that way.

Whether it be an emotional or physical injury, therapy is prescribed and seeking it is the first step.

Fighting your way through them can only go so far and then something has gotta give.

Jonathan Martin may have been battling something most of his life.  He may have been a gamer his entire NFL career.

He may have just come to realize he cannot do it anymore.  Snapping does that.

I am reminded of a scene from HBO's Hard Knocks with the Dolphins.  Coach Philbin has to tell the players to help each other up.

When you see your teammate on the ground, reach down and pull him up.

Give him a helping hand.

That's what is needed now by teammates and fans alike.

Let's see how this plays out before we question anyone's manhood.

They may be tougher than we think.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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