Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Let's get back to talking Football

Can anyone name the starting Offensive Line?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?   Who is starting at LG?  What is your opinion of Michael Egnew being used as a Fullback?  Who are the 5 Receivers? 

How are the Linebackers playing thus far this season?  How has Patterson's play impacted our defensive effectiveness?

 I am curious.  What do you think?
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I'm guessing, left to right, we're looking at McKinnie, Garner, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo

We all know Pouncey's great. Garner's been a great utility guy the last few years and I think he holds down LG well enough. He's not Richie but he's good enough, knows the schemes, can pull. Clabo's been a turnstile but part of that is coaching - recognizing he's not getting it done but you're stuck with him and you better put some help over there.

I don't know enough about McKinnie but from the last couple games I've seen that he is massive and if rushers don't beat him initially with a quick first move they're done. If McKinnie's still engaged with his opposite lineman within a second after the snap, the rusher's out of the play.

I did like them bringing Yeatman in as the extra lineman last week against the Bengals - they seemed to do that a lot and it definitely seemed to give RT some more time.

I really think Egnew's done well in a FB role and been a great help to the running game - he does seem to know what he's doing out there whereas last year he was lost (when he even made it to the field near the end of the season). Having him and Clay in adds a ton of flexibility. What might look like a run-heavy set that the Def substitutes to defend against can turn into a 3 or 4 wide set if either or both of those guys motions or resets prior to the snap. That could get either of them one-on-one against a slower runstopping LBer which makes for a nice mismatch. Sherman had some good calls out of that set last game.

Patterson in the defense is like night and day. Might as well say we lost the NE game (excluding the 3 BS calls) when they targeted Carroll after Patterson went out. Patterson just seems to make plays. Would like to see a bit more of Jamar Taylor and Will Davis on the field situationally as we do need to develop these young guys. I'd love to sign Grimes to a longer deal - he's been great on that side of the field.

Was pleased to see they brought Marlon Moore back. Will be interesting to see if he's active anytime soon. I think Matthews ends up being a solid pick for us which bodes well next season when Gibson's back too.

Don't know much about the lineman we plucked off Dallas' practice squad. Interesting that we went that route rather than activating one of the 2 young linemen off our squad. Didn't we also pick up a guard off the eagles a month or two ago? haven't seen or heard from him at all...


WOW! Now that was impressive!

I totally agree with the Yeatman assessment. Prior to the season, I stated clearly that sometimes ala Baltimore and New England, we should employ the 6th offensive lineman, especially in the Red Zone. I also think we should give Dion Jordan a roll in the Redzone (occasionally). He played some TE and Receiver in his past (HS & College). He is tall, physical with long arms and can catch the ball. Toss it up and let him go get it in the corner of the endzone.

I also agree that bringing Moore back was smart. And, your points about the rookie corners is valid. I hate to say this Mark. But, I totally agree with you on every one of these points! I better check to see if I'm dreaming. LOL