Monday, November 04, 2013

Incognito suspended indefinitely?

Who thinks this has more to do with the fact that our offensive line seemed better the moment Incognito was hurt and pulled from the game last Thursday night than it does with any hazing or harassment between a couple of teammates.

What a sitcom/ soap opera....   This will be the last time I talk about this BS.  I will only talk about football, not the melodramas of football players and coaches as it relates to the national media.

For Example:

Good Job TE Michael Egnew.  Since, you were put in as the Fullback/Hback, we have been averaging well over 125 yards a game rushing.  Nice work... and, you have been blocking and catching better all season.  I'm very happy you have "made the leap" to this level of play.
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I hope it is the last time you talk about this. Your comments are so friggin out of touch. You really on't have a clue. It's enough to make me stop reading this blog that I've enjoyed for years up until your last three posts on this issue...


Mark, the other guys who contribute to this post may write about it.... But, I won't. Always double check the "posted by" on this blog.

There are differing opinions even on this Blog.

BTW - Thanks Perry.


After watching that game, I feel the staff read my post and did exactly what I told them to! Except for Sherman running the Dolphins down the field then going empty backfield to stop our momentum before the missed FG, I loved the game plan. And my man Garner got into the game as well. I would still like to see Sherman gone but suddenly our line from center to LT looks pretty good. As far as the taboo soap opera, don't think I want either of those guys on my team and Incognito has always been over rated.


Hey Perry, sorry I was talking to MD not you! I appreciate and welcome differences of opinion. And I chose to ignore the first thread MD made about this issue even thought it pissed me off. He's made two more inane posts on it since and I'm ready to leave this blog behind, which would be a shame.

At some point we have to say this is 2013 and a guy who is physically and mentally harassed in his workplace to the point of snapping and risking his career by walking out is not a "wuss" or "pussy".

These are some of the toughest guys physically but everything they do is under a microscope in the public eye. They suck it up, they manage the public criticism and the second guessing and the fans saying they suck or should be fired. They have to be mentally tough to even be in the game - if they're not they wouldn't be playing at the NFL level (see Manny Wright after Saban made him cry).

And I have no problem with the shenanigans that go on in the locker room, comes with the territory. But when you're attacked with racial slurs and your family's threatened and you would rather give over $15k for a Vegas trip that you're not going on than face the consequences? Then it's gone too far.

What a leadership void in the locker room and the coaching staff to even let it get this far. After a hugely important win to get to .500 and put ourselves in the playoff hunt after watching the embarassment this team has become since Shula left, to see how much lower we've fallen and the prospect of cleaning house and more rebuilding after all the money we spent in the offseason? Frigging kills me.

But as far as I'm concerned, if Incognito did that crap then he needs to be out of the NFL. If Philbin or any of the other coaches knew and didn't do anything then they can go too. I'm inclined to think the whole coaching staff should be fired because if they didn't know then it's inexcusable that they're so out of touch...

But this macho talk that Martin is a baby or just needs to suck it up? It's 2013 and harassment in the workplace is illegal. He's probably tougher than most of us can imagine if he's been dealing with this for 2 full offseasons and a season and a half of football. It's admirable that he didn't get violent, that he left the facility and sought help...


LOL - I see. You are one of those people... You think what others say and do impact who you are and how you react. Quite low-brow!

People please. If someone insults you with some nonsense, you insult yourself if you let it get to you. YOU control your thoughts. Others do not! YOU are in control of your emotions (which start with thought - not the other way around). Any idiot who thinks that they are insulted by someone's words just hasn't figured out the world yet. He or she (adults) who is not the master of his or her own mind is taking up valuable space on this planet. Personally Mark, I think you are waste of skin. How does that make you feel? Are you upset? Do you want to cry? My point all along has been we need strong minded people on a football team because it is a very tough job. Weak minded always fail in this game. And, because I love the Miami Dolphins, I want strong minded players. And by the way, Manny Wright was a complete failure as a football player. Maybe he should sew tights at a grammar school.


Yeah, I'm one of those people who can imagine that after more than a year and a half of harassment happening (on top of being part of a losing franchise and having the media and fans question your ability) someone MIGHT actually snap.

Frankly I could care less what you or anyone else thinks of me – I live my life according to certain principles and if someone doesn’t like that or has something to say about it, I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it. I also have freedom of association – if someone is an a-hole I can choose to have nothing to do with them.

Unless you’ve been in the locker room of the Miami Dolphins for the last two years you have no clue of what’s gone on in there so your opinion is an uninformed one, based on ignorance. Frankly I couldn’t imagine being in a job where I was harassed regularly for over a year and a half. A job that I couldn’t just leave without GIVING UP MY CAREER!! It takes a pretty strong mind to hang in there as long as he did without snapping. And then when he did snap it took courage to leave the facility and attempt to take care of himself.

For you was he strong minded up until the point that he snapped? Was it him snapping that made him weak minded? Or him leaving the team? What should he have done? How would you have handled the whole thing?

If you can’t answer those questions then your opinion is null and void.

If it was me, honestly, it probably would’ve ended up in bloodshed, especially if threats to my family were involved. Would it have been better for you if Martin shot Incognito in the face? Would he have not been “weak” then? Would that have made him “man enough” for you?


I think you may just be a child or psychotic. Men who know who they are don't react to 8th grade style hazing and insults. If they do, they don't belong in the NFL.


I hear you and agree!


The fact that you can't or won't answer basic questions about how you would respond to the situation and you feel the need to resort to infantile insults says just about all I need to know about you MD.


I think my position to every possible situation or query was quite clearly elucidated in all my blogs and responses. If there is one thing about me EVERYONE knows (who knows me). I don't mince words and I say what I mean. The answers to your questions are there if you read the responses. Mark, I know who I am, so I am never reactionary to insults and harassment. My Ex is the only one who can get me off my mental center - and that's only because I still love her and I allow her to affect me so... It is a choice.