Saturday, November 23, 2013

How We Will Beat The Panthers

Conventional wisdom says that when an inconsistent team plays a hot team with a very good defense the inconsistent team gets crushed.

But the more I think about our team and how we just haven't put a real good game together, I just feel we are due.

Its not like we don't have any good players. Our defense can play. Our offense has played well at times too. We could use a kick in the butt with our kick returns.

Now I am not talking about a blow out here but a good decisive win. And here is how it will play out.

All Men Are An Island:
Defensively, we will place 8 men up in the box for run support and force Cam Newton to beat us. Man coverage outside with a single safety deep and lots of blitzing. Newton has been playing much better this year and has been taking what the defense has been giving him but I see him getting a little greedy and missing most of his one on one matchups.

Throw Early And Throw Often:
Open it up against their 2 deep zone.  Athletic TEs have had success against them so I expect Charles Clay to have another big day with 8 receptions for 100+ yards and at least 1 TD.
Ryan Tannehill is so due for a monster game. So due. Carolina's corners aren't that great.  They play a lot of zone. I believe Ryan will get a hot hand early with quick slants and then hit Clay deep down the middle. I see Tannehill throwing for 280 yards and 3 TDs. And finally hitting Wallace in stride for a 40+ yard TD.

Live By The Sword:
Carolina Head Coach Ron Rivera is a gambler.  He has been going for 4th and 1s throughout their 6 game winning streak. He is 6-8 in those situations looking to extend drives. In this game, he dies by the sword.

Field Position Sets Us Up Nicely:
I see league leading punter Brandon Fields just pinning them back at every opportunity and Thigpen finally breaks out with a couple decent returns.

We Win The Turnover Battle:
As I said earlier, Newton will get greedy and step out of his character a bit in this game. I see a couple blitz pressured over throws landing in our mits. We will win the turnover battle 3-1, Newton's two pics will kill 2 good drives, one late in the first half and Newton gets picked mid way through the 4th. And their 3rd turnover will come on a fumble at their own 23 yard line.

Trap Game, Nah:
Carolina is coming off a big Monday night win against the Patriots and they play the Saints next week, so it seems like a perfect trap game. However, they watched the Saints win on Thursday night so they know they need to win to stay a game behind. Its not like they would be scoreboard watching to see how the Saints are doing.  And that will play right into our hands as we blitz and force Newton to make plays to beat us and he will press and misfire throughout the game.

Bold Prediction:
Miami 27  Carolina 13

Cherry On Top:
The Jets will go against their current pattern of win one, lose one and lose their 2nd in a row at Baltimore and we wind up in the 6 hole.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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