Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grey cup champions eh?

Saskatchewan wins the cup.

I find it highly amusing that one-time dolphins running back Corey Sheets won the MVP.

Why is it amusing? Because (a) the cfl does not really promote running because of it's 3-down system. It's unusual for a RB to win this award.

And (ii) couldn't the dolphins use a good running back? One they actually had on their roster?
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Timely post Dave. I think this was Lamar Miller's worst game I have seen. You want to know why Reggie Bush is gone? Because he had too many runs backward that result in a loss of 8 yards when you could just slam into the line for 1 yd. Lamar was did the same thing not once but twice. Pretty much killing a drive. He also missed a blitz pick up that ended in a sack. You take those 3 mistakes away and it a is a different game. He is almost a two year pro now, in short he should not be making mental mistakes like that.

I don't know about you but I am really getting tired of the team throwing short of the first down marker on 3rd down. I don't know if it is Tanehill, the WR, or play design. but if you are going to throw a 4 yard out on 3 and 7, wouldn't it be better to just throw a deep ball to Wallace into double coverage? I can understand getting flushed out of the pocket and needing to dump off, but they are literally doing quick passes on 3rd down short of the sticks. If is like the defenses know just leave the underneath open, the will dump there and make the tackle short of the first down.

Sherman and Phillbin are supposed to be offensive guru type coaches. I think they do a great job making a game plan and getting the team ready to excute, as evidence by the multiple 1st half leads we have had this year. However, they are getting out coached over and over in the category of making adjustments. We have been getting our butts kicked in the 2nd half all year long. I think Phillbin is a decent guy and he is better than the last several coaches we had. I can now see why he did well in Green Bay he is very organized and hard working and really did a great job getting them ready. However, I think the Head Coach there probably managed the game and made the adjustments. If I am Ross I am spending some time getting to know Jon Gruden. I think we have the type of players and team that he would really do well with. I am not saying fire Phillbin, he deserves his shot this season. But I am just saying maybe have that discussion with Gruden off the record. Have that door ready to open for a discussion if we don't finish the season over 500. He can coach and he will fill more seats.

On the bright side I see some reports coming out on stadium talks again. I personally don't care about the politics involved, I just want a deal done to keep the Dolphins in Miami.