Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dolphins Locker Room Is No Different Than The Rest, They Just Got Caught

Before we start planning on firings and house cleanings, the Ted Wells inquisition has yet to be conducted.

Whoopty Do!

What they will find is what is already known through out the league.

Guys Bust Balls!

That's what we do. Every team I have been on and even with my current officiating crew, we bust balls.

Some days its me as the target and some days its someone else.  But at some point someone's balls are getting busted.

Do I think it's any different in the Miami Dolphins locker room? Hell no.

These are guys who work out together, shower together, eat together.

They spend more time with eachother than anyone else in their lives. They may be even more intimate with eachother than with anyone else in their lives.

They talk trash and bust balls. They are guys that go to battle together and sometimes to break the tension and relieve the pressure, they bust balls.

When the dust settles, all NFL teams will have to make some changes.

New rules about rookie hazings or rituals will come down from above.

But our locker room is no different from any other one in the NFL, other than that one of its members snapped.

Is Richie Incognito guilty of a criminal act for how he treated Martin? I don't believe so. He just got caught busting balls and crossing the line of normal acceptance outside of the locker room. His team mates would agree.

Does he have some issues? Absolutely. What he did at that golf outing is unacceptable.

But to blame his conduct outside of the locker room on the coaching staff is unfair.

No coach is responsible for their players conduct outside of team facilities.  They cannot possibly police 65 men 24 hours a day.

Is Bullygate embarrassing to the team?  Ofcourse it is. But when this dust settles, I believe Philbin will be safe.  Ireland will be in his office. And the league will institute new quidelines for Human Resources.

We won't lose any draft picks and no one will get fired.  The league will carry on.

Unfortunately, we will have been distracted by the media and under the scrutiny of public opinion.

And at the end of the day, guys will be guys and balls will still get busted.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971


  1. Sorry Carl,

    You are clueless....

  2. Sorry Carl,

    You are clueless....

  3. Wouldn't be the first time. Nor the last.

  4. That is so true the wimpy scared men will say you are clueless..Men are men for a reason

  5. That is so true the wimpy scared men will say you are clueless..Men are men for a reason

    1. You are anatomically correct Steven.