Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dolfans NYC Prepared For Battle With 2013 #MetLifeTakeover

Whether you are going to MetLife Stadium or planning on watching the game on TV, be prepared to hear some loud cheers and chants coming from the Miami faithful.

A whole army of them is planning a major invasion!  At Battalion Strength! 

Afterall, this is war.  Not for the timid.  Its "JETS WEEK"!!!

I had a unique opportunity to interview, Igor, one of the founders of Dolfans NYC and one of the leaders of these brave souls headed into battle in enemy terriorty. 

But first, I was blind folded and sworn to secrecy about their where abouts hidden behind enemy lines. With "JETS WEEK",  Dolfans NYC will take prisoners but not chances.

Here is his interview which will self destruct in 20 minutes, so hurry...

Me: I assume you'll take some of the responsibility for leading the troops in vocal support of our beloved Dolphins. What are your favs?   

Igor: As far as cheers go I always do the "And That's Another Miami Dolphins..." first down chant.
"J-E-T-S SUCK, SUCK, SUCK" is the big one for this game.
And then boring stuff like Lets Go Dolphins and DE-FENSE.
Plus the fight song of course! I bought an inflatable banjo just for that!

Me: How did you became a Dolfan?

Igor: I grew up in DC and rooted for all the DC teams except the Redskins because my dad is from Dallas. There was no way I could be a Cowboy fan growing up in DC and for some reason when I was 7,  I decided I was a Dolphins fan and it stuck for life. Michelle has it a lot easier as she's a Miami native and her dad is a huge Phins fan. 

Me: How did the #MetLifeTakeover get started as well as your involvement with Dolfans NYC?

Igor: When I first moved to NYC I didn't know any Dolphins fans and there weren't any Dolphins sports bars. A couple years in, I met the 2 Michelles, these two girls who had a Dolphins blog. One year they spent a whole season traveling to every Dolphins away game and reporting on them for MiamiDolphins.com. The next year they wanted to keep the videos going so they would go on little road trips and I went with them a few times. We ended up going to Woody's Fish Bowl in Hartford, CT and Miami Mikes in New Jersey. They were such amazing Dolphins bars and we knew we wanted to start something like that.

Igor: We had a small group of fans that watched at Third & Long in NYC and that was the year we made the playoffs. We had a pretty big group going so the next year we started a website and a Facebook group. I do a lot of web marketing for my day job and Michelle has a lot of connections in the Dolphins world so it really blew up quickly. We got the word out. The next year one of the Michelle's moved but "Short" Michelle, her husband Alex and I kept the club going. This year we moved to Slattery's Midtown Pub after Third & Long closed and it's been amazing. Huge turn outs every week. 

 Igor: I was always afraid to go to the Jets game alone because of how vocal I am. I always get into it with opposing fans. But the year that we went to the playoffs we had a big enough group that we found 8 people that wanted to go with us. We watched Chad Pennington beat Bret Farve and take us to the playoffs. I almost got kicked out when a Jets fan tried to fight me but luckily we never came to blows.

Igor: The next year we had 35 people and the year after that we had about 80 but we weren't really sitting together.

Igor: Last year we really blew it up and bought 199 tickets all in one section and it was amazing, but this year we really went crazy. (I actually heard them cheering on TV last year)

Me: What are your plans for this year's #MetLifeTakeover?

Igor: This year we have "760" Dolphins fans all sitting together. We took over two sections (323 & 322) and are throwing a huge tailgate in parking lot "L". Everyone is welcome to join us but BYOF/B. We had put a limit on the tailgate because of how many people we had and we couldn't afford to cater more than 300 people. We also bought 750 rally towels so our sections should be very visible and making a LOT of noise!

Me: Have you had any surprise visitors to past tailgates or even to Slattery's Midtown Pub?

Igor: Nat Moore came to the bar when we were at Third & Long and then he showed up to our tailgate later in the year with Stephen Ross, Mike Dee and Fergie. I have a feeling we might get some guests this year too based on some hints from people in the Dolphins organization, but no word officially. 

Me: Does Dolfans NYC support a charity I can plug for you?

Igor: Dolfans NYC raises a ton of money for charity but we spread it around. Since the #MetLifeTakeover last year we have donated almost $10,000 to charity. Every October we make donations to cancer charities and sponsor DCC riders, we donate several thousand dollars to the Miami Dolphins Foundation every year and last year we raised about $4000 for hurricane Sandy relief efforts after the hurricane effected so many of our members. 

Me: What do you think of this years team?

Igor: I would prefer not to talk about that stuff. I want to keep this positive. 

Me: How can other Dolfans get involved with your efforts?

Igor: Our website is dolfansnyc.com and we have a very active Facebook group ( Dolfans NYC ). I tweet & Instagram at @DolfansNYC and of course anyone is welcome at Slattery's! (8 East 36th Street, Manhattan, NYC)

Me: Have you had any strange happenings at a #MetLifeTakeover?

A Jets fan threw a burger at Mr. Ross that hit him in the head. He brushed it off and kept posing for photos with fans. Despite what you might think of some of his decisions he is a great guy and a HUGE Dolphins fan. 
(No medic needed)

Me: I am sure your next goal is to make the rank of Colonel and lead a whole Regiment of 1500 strong into next year's #MetLifeTakeover.

Igor: One battle at a time, Carl.

Me: Thanks Igor and let me know if there's anything else.

Igor: Can you also link Slattery's to slatterysmidtownpub.com  The Official Miami Dolphins NYC Sports Bar!!
We want to make sure that our fellow Dolfans can easily find a safe and friendly environment to come to and enjoy themselves in NYC.

Me: I guess there are black ops everywhere, even with NFL football fans.

Igor: There certainly is.  Now before we can let you go, we need to hear the fight song. And sing it with feeling!!

I sang for the life of me.  And then I was free, free at last.

Free to join in the battle on Sunday!

Phins Up! 

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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LOL Geeze Louize (that shortened my useful life by 3 minutes)-

Miami will win by at least 12 points over the Jets.


I hope so MD. Its usually a war.
But the presence of Dolfans NYC should really fire up the guys.