Monday, November 11, 2013

Coaching matters

I watched the saints take down the cowboys and I was thinking how much stability at the coaching position has meant to them - and how much they missed him last year; he has a great influence on their success.

Of course having Brees doesn't hurt. And as I watched him, I thought about how Miami missed on him. But that was 4 head coaches ago. Hard to say if there would have been any stability among coaches or if Brees had managed to stick around had he opted to cone here.

And as the game finished, I wondered what Steve Ross is thinking. He hasn't said much and he hasn't had a knee jerk reaction to the goings on thus far.

Still one has to wonder how this might play out. It could be bad enough - or simply embarrassing enough - that he chooses to get rid of coach and gm. Or maybe one or the other.

But then what?  Another new coach?  New system? New personell?  Another 5 year plan?  More roster churn?

Parcells et al got really lucky a few years ago. The karma tank is probably empty and I can't see that happening again. And situations like Reid going to KC don't cone around often - he's had a fair amount of success with relatively little roster churn.

There will come a time when Ross has to decide what to do. Start fresh and drive away fans, or continue on and let the franchise be tarnished in some way?

I don't pretend to know what will be uncovered. But Ross will have to consider it as whats best for his business. He undoubtedly will want to do what's most profitable for him in the short term (call it the butts in seats component) and what drives the value of the franchise.

We will see.

Oh and as for Incognito, his interview today wasn't surprising. He said very little.  But it was "exclusive" so it was worth following.  Two things I heard:  He made a comment about something Martin said to him; which Martins attorney immediately countered. And then he said, basically, there was no supervision in the locker room so they behaved however they wanted.

Strange story. And the public nature of it is oddly fun and compelling.
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I think as fans we should be very concerned. Ross approached Miami in a bid to upgrade the stadium offering to keep the team in Miami for over 20 years. He was turned down and in a fashion were it was thrown in his face politically not even a vote. The Dolphins were not even close to selling out a prime time game against the Bengals. Now with this mess the Dolphins brand has taken a huge hit. I think you hit it on the head Dave, can he afford to start over again or can he afford to keep the current PR nightmare. If the NFL punishes the Dolphins like taking draft picks, it gets that much more bleak. I could easily see him selling or leasing the stadium for a popular sport like soccer in the Miami area. Then moving the team to LA and changing the name. If you have to start over anyway. Why not do it in a more supportive market that will provide a fan base that will come to the game and just be done with the mess for good? I am a Dolphins fan and when I look at his options, LA looks more likely everyday.


Stability is good, but only if those in charge are competent. This coaching staff appears to be out-coached in nearly every second half, which means that they're not very good at making adjustments.

I've normally been neutral about Ireland, Philbin doesn't impress me, and I don't like Sherman or his offense. That said, I would fire them all over one issue; the o-line. The o-line has been barely average on its best day, and downright poor most days. This was obvious since preseason, but there was no real effort to fix it. Ireland brought in older, injured vets (probably just for depth), and Philbin/Sherman refused to try different personnel, or to change their schemes to better fit the abilities/strengths of the players. They had 2 weeks during the bye to do something, but did nothing except to say that they believed in their starters. Nothing was done until AFTER the meeting with Ross, when McKinnie was signed. Needless to say, McKinnie with a few days of preparation was an upgrade over Martin at LT.

Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman stood by and watched their o-line allow sack after sack, but did nothing until their jobs were (probably) threatened by the owner. These 3 Stooges will not be leading Miami back to "elite" status.