Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Waa waa waaaaa

Miami's bid for superbowl LII was rebuffed.  Finalists were announced today, and Miami - and Tampa (who also submitted a bid) - were excluded.

...and that of course leads to the redoubling of effort to get the old ballpark renovated.  Said one of the peeps (superbowl host committee president): “This nonvote in my opinion has a resounding effect....Hopefully we can convince enough people to let the voters decide.  I think time, and hopefully a winning team, will change things.”

I'll leave the puns on winning teams to all of you.  (smirk)
And the new CEO also got in on it: “We’re obviously disappointed that our effort to bring the Super Bowl back to South Florida wasn’t successful.  We’ve had 10 Super Bowls here because it’s an ideal market to host big events, but we’re now facing more intense competition from multiple modernized facilities. We will continue to work hard to attract big events — and their corresponding economic impact and job creation — to the state of Florida.”

First things first, about the politics as it stands.  The fact that Tampa AND Miami were excluded is the equivalent of the NFL thumbing its nose at the state.  The state of Florida rebuffed the Dolphins and Bucs in getting dollars for improvements, and as a result they won't consider a superbowl bid.  So until the 'climate' changes there will be no bids even considered.

Its a political game with the taxpayers in the state held hostage in the deal.  Nice.

Now on the broader point of there being an economic impact:  I've argued often that this is debatable. And the job creation comment is nonsense.  Where exactly do those come from?  The throngs of unpaid volunteers who work at the event?  

The argument is laughable....
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I will tell you what is not laughable. One of the Florida teams moving to LA. Jacksonville and Tampa are Horrible. Miami at least holds some history and are competing. I don't see many prime time games or Super Bowls in Florida at all in the coming years. Bad teams equal bad support equal less revenue to the state at as a whole. I know your a Ross hater but as a fan I would feel a lot better about locking the team in Miami long term vs both public and political forces enticing Ross to move them to a more supportive environment


I am not a fan of the owner - you're right on that. But, the threat of the Dolphins moving to LA is not that great. There is a huge debt load due to no- and low-interest loans that the team owes to the county and state. The owner (Ross or whoever is next) won't want to eat that, and it seems unlikely that another city would essentially buy that out (its in the neighborhood of $400 million), given that they can attract another team for less.