Monday, October 21, 2013

Something to consider

Miami moved up in the draft to select Dion Jordan. He's having an okay - but not great - year.

Meanwhile his team mate at Oregon - Kiko Alonso - was drafted by the bills in the 2nd round. And he's only leading the league in tackles.

Talk about a whiff on a draft pick.
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I am not so sure that is good logic. impact plays win games. Jordon caused the int to seal the Atlanta game He also caused the pick 6 in the Baltimore game as well as got a sack in the buffalo game. He clearly is a talented player with huge upside. Right now I think the biggest wiff was the OLine. I think we are 5-1 if the make the Brandon Albert trade. The sack before the fumble by Mario Williams was brutal. Clabo is going to get Tannehill hurt. To make matters worth we have no depth. I am not trying to rip Ireland. I think he added a lot if talent. But the coaches are not adjusting to what they have. They keep trying to run "their plays" They just don't have the line to do it. I would consider pulling the TE on 3 wr sets and using Garnder or Yeatmen To help Clabo. Or run mostly two TE sets. I know it is conservative but it will keep Tannehill upright. Especially in close games.


I see they Just went and got McKinney. At least they did something. He can't be worse than Clabo and at they very least they have depth. Funny as it sounds the season would be over if Martin was hurt. The depth is that bad. I really hope it upgrades Clabo and at least they have some depth


okay, the point is a little overstated, but draftinge for a "luxury" when you have so many needs - and then not getting an every down player is just dumb IMHO.

As for McKinnie, he came here on a free agent visit during the offseason and was lowballed because they didn't want him. And now they do? Puh-lease! Of course, he has an injury, and hasn't played much.

PFF ranks the positions. McKinnie was ranked as the 65th best tackle, one ahead of Clabo who was ranked 66th. And there are 64 starters. Its just sad...