Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Soccer in South Florida

This has basically to do with the dolphins. And yet it does, in a way.

I read an article that David Beckham has been awarded an MLS (ie soccer) franchise in Miami. And hey, that's great, but I'm sure you're asking - who cares?

What struck me was that he will be looking to build a stadium to play in. Yes, you read that right. He wants to build a stadium. So, you have the Marlins park (baseball, but big enough to host soccer), the Heat arena (basketball), the Panthers arena (hockey), Tropical Park (a small-ish football stadium) and Lockhart stadium (where the Strikers NASL soccer team plays), and a place you may have heard of called Dolphins stadium, which has been trying for years to host professional soccer.

But he wants to build another one. Because, you know, there's always a need for another single-purpose stadium that would undoubtedly be built with taxpayer dollars.
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