Monday, October 07, 2013

Our O Line Blows!!!

I am sorry but there is just no other way to say it.  And that's being kind.

They cannot run block.  They cannot pass block.

Tannehill is being swarmed at such a record pace he must feel like he is a High School Freshman on the Varsity scout team.  "Just drop back and let our starters rip your head off.  It builds character kid."

Somethings gotta give.  Somebody has gotta go.

Either a starter or two or a coach or two.  This is rediculous.

For weeks Philbin has said we will get this corrected.  Well when?  In next year's draft.

Obviously, either someone doesn't have the talent to play or someone doesn't have the talent to coach.

Which is it already???

The status quo is not working!!!

Lead, follow or get out of the way.  Somebody better take charge of that unit.  And do it now.

We are running out of bye weeks and soon enough QBs.

We have two weeks to get a grip on this and not let go.  Somebody better get their ass in gear or the promise of a great season could turn into a train wreck before we know it.

Despite their poor play, we could actually be 4-1 right now.  We had a chance to win that game yesterday.

Carl Leone
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Unless we trade there is not much we can do to change talent. Clabo is really struggling with bull rushes. With that being said Sherman has to use his backs as more than blockers. Screens Draws Pitches. Force the D Ends to respect contain. Right now they are just pinning their ears back and push straight into the pocket. However that does not mean run stretch runs on 3rd and 1. I know this was a rough loss but we are close. We should have a pretty healthy and team and our Def is really looking great. Get them ready to excute plays to to slow down the pass rush. I would run at least 1 screen or draw every 8 plays. Get miller using his speed on swing passes.


With 3-1, why isn't Thomas at running back? Clabo is like an old mule out there trying to run with stallions.

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