Wednesday, October 09, 2013

No Time to Panic

In preseason, we all felt we would make the playoffs if we finished a tough 5 game opening stretch 3-2.  Well, we did just that.   And, we know that our O-Line is the weakness of our team - by far.

New England and Indianapolis have worked around weak O-lines, why can't we?

 Personally, we could have avoided the bull-rush attack with a little left and right roll-outs.  Tannehill throws well on the run.  At least a quarter of the pass plays should include Ryan's legs.

I still believe we will win our division.   I know we are a better team than the Jets and the Bills - I have no doubt.   I think we are much closer to the Patriots.  If we would played them that second game, we would have won.

Keep this in mind, every team we just played will have a winning record at the end of the season - and we went 3 and 2 against.   I'm happy.  When we play well, we can beat anybody.   When we play average, we can win those also.   It is tough to win in the NFL when we play poorly.  We might get away with that against Jags, but not many others. 

Why the coaching staff did not coach the players during the game is befuddling.   When LBs can bull-rush a 300+ lineman repeatedly, it is technique, nothing else.  

Coaches do your job!!!

Coach Sherman, you get one more game.  If I see another sweep inside the 20 yard line (when we need 2 yards or less), I will personally start a campaign to replace you.   In the mean time Coach Philbin, if Mike goes awry against the Bills, please take charge of the play calling.   Or, let the players do it.  They have a better feel for it than Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman.

Overall, good job team - this is a marathon.   Get healthy and get back to playing winning football - the way you did against the Colts.

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