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NFL Season: Dolphins fans rank fourth in the league for setting out some kind of team memorabilia for good luck.

Though I don't usually like to promote products on the blog, I thought this merited a little attention.   Its interesting and slightly amusing...and if you believe in that superstition thing, then you might enjoy reading all about it.  :)

Did you know Dolphins fans are 13th in team superstition ranking? And that they're Dolphins fans rank second in the league (32%) for wearing a hat or other non-clothing accessory for the win. 

This is all according to a survey that Bud Light – the official beer of the NFL – conducted to celebrate the 2013 season. More than 50 questions were asked and, out of that, an "NFL Fan Superstition Index" formed, with the Dolphins finishing as the 13th most superstitious NFL team overall.


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Bud Light Puts the Focus on the Fan with NFL Superstition Survey
Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints Fans Rank as the Most Superstitious

To celebrate the 2013 NFL season and the fan rituals that are just as much a part of the game as blocking and tackling, Bud Light, the official beer sponsor of the National Football League, has released the results of its NFL Fan Superstition Survey. This survey, which gathered opinions from nearly 10,000 adult NFL fans over the summer, took an in-depth look at the fan bases of each of the 32 NFL teams and how their superstitions and rituals impact their enjoyment of the game. According to the survey, the top-5 most superstitious fan bases in the NFL are:


1.       Baltimore Ravens fans

2.       Arizona Cardinals fans

3.       New Orleans Saints fans

4.       Oakland Raiders fans

5.       Philadelphia Eagles fans


The survey also provided a glimpse inside the minds of NFL fans who will do whatever it takes for the win and revealed which fans are least likely to "take one for the team." Among the results:

·         Arizona Cardinals fans are the most likely to wear an unwashed jersey in order to support their team.

·         New York Jets fans are the most likely to sit in the same lucky seat every game.

·         Detroit Lions fans might be a bit secretive: they're the most likely to engage in superstitious activities alone.

·         More than any other fan base in the NFL, Buffalo Bills fans are most likely to set out some kind of team memorabilia and then touch, kiss, rub or hold it for the win.

·         New Orleans Saints fans are most likely to engage in their superstitious activity every single game.

Bud Light partnered with KRC Research to conduct the national, online quantitative survey with NFL fans ages 21 and older. More than 50 questions were asked and, out of that, an "NFL Fan Superstition Index" formed. The index calculates the superstition level of each NFL fan base by each fan's game-day habits – everything from wearing dirty jerseys, chanting and kissing team trinkets to superstition consistency and true belief levels – and aggregates those into a score from 0 to 100.

For more complete details on the survey results, including team-by-team breakdowns, visit more information on Bud Light's NFL sponsorship throughout the season, visit or


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