Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mike Pouncey

This Pouncey thing is interesting in an odd way. What we do know is that he and Aaron Hernandez were friends in college, and Pouncey wore a "Free Hernandez" hat shortly after his arrest. We also hear that they would hang out at times during the offseason, being friends and all.

We also know that Pouncey was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury regarding the Hernandez case. We don't know about what, specifically, but there appear to be a lot of questions about his dealings and what he knows, so it stands to reason that it may go further than the single murder investigation (as if that wasn't bad enough). Speculation runs rampant on what Pouncey might be involved in or know.

But equally puzzling was the way he was served: two police men waited outside the dolphins locker room after the game in Foxborough. They blocked any dolphins rep from getting near Pouncey and served him - in view of the media. Its strange, and possibly for publicity. But it could also be that if they had asked to do it privately that the dolphins would have made it difficult and it may have had to happen in Davie...so it may mean nothing at all.

We know Pouncey stayed in town and hired a lawyer, and will be returning again to give testimony. The dolphins and Pouncey will not comment on it.

So for the moment it remains a small distraction. Will it become a bigger one? Will it become more than simply a distraction? Time will tell....

You can't jump to a conclusion here, but it is strange.
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I hope he didn't sell Hernadez the damn gun.

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I'm getting hungry for that steak at Shula's. I never got a return email. I hope you're a man of your word ;)