Thursday, October 17, 2013

Look For A Break Out Game By All Three Phases On Sunday

If ever there was an opportunity to cure all ills, this game at home against a reeling Buffalo team is it.

Last week Buffalo battled back to tie their game against Cinncinnati and force overtime only to come up short in the extended period.  That's gotta be demoralizing. 

At one moment you are down by 14 points in the 4th Quarter and then you fight your way back into the game.  Everyone is excited and pumped up.

You go blow for blow for over 60 minutes only to have your heart ripped out in front of your loyal fans.  That had to hurt and bad.

Now you hop a plane to play a division rival on their home turf.  One that is rested and getting healthy. 

One that has had its manhood questioned the last two weeks by the press and every blogger covering them.  One that has something to prove.

Sounds like the Christians walking into the Colosseum.  Does Custer at the Little Big Horn ring a bell??

Those are similiar images to what you should expect to see come Sunday at Sun Life Stadium.

A complete annihilation!  And not of us, mind you. 

The Buffalo Bills will be completely undressed, embarrassed, tarred and feathered!

Their Defense ranks 25th in Passing.  Hello Tannehill to Wallace, Hartline, Gibson and Clay moving the chains.

Their Defense ranks 28th in Rushing.  Hello Miller and Thomas running wild.

Their starting QB is out.  We are getting healthy on the Defensive side.

Our Special Teams are already very, very good.  Fields is leading the league in punting.  Thigpen has been solid returning kicks.  And Sturgis can be Rookie of the Year!

Hello Blow Out!!!!  Hello dancing in the aisles!!!

Had we beaten Baltimore, even though this a Division game, we may have been talking trap game.  New England is up next.

But our manhood has been questioned by everyone including me!  Yes, I have wondered if the O Line wears skirts. 

Sunday will put to rest all the doubting, all the whining, all the begging for answers.  Big wins do that.

The only question I have about Sunday is how many fans will actually stay to witness the final merciful minutes to what will be a very long day for a respected foe?

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971 
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We better crush them! Our secondary should be healthy. I want to see A. Soliai and Starks on the line for 1st and 2nd down. Use of swing passes motion - obviously better line play and better coaching. We win the next 2 and we have the division lead. If the right side of the line does not step up I want to see Garner and Yeatman over there. Might want to cut Watkins and pick up a legit Fullback to. I haven't lost hope, I still think we should win the division but I thought coaching would be a strong point for this team and it hasn't been.

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