Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let's Get Fired Up For John Offerdahl

Lost in all the hootin' and hollarin' about player walkouts, coaching blowups and player-coach conflicts is the great distinction about to be bestowed upon John Offerdahl, who is being inducted into the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll during tonight's halftime presentation.

Drafted in the 2nd round of 1986 with the 52nd overall pick out of Western Michigan, Offerdahl started his very distinguished career by being named to 5 straight Pro Bowls including being selected First Team All Pro in his rookie year as well as in 1990.  Needless to say, in 1986, he was also voted as the NFL's Rookie of the Year.  Now that's getting things kick started!

Guess who was drafted right before Offerdahl at 51???  The Giants took Julius Peppers out of Ohio State.  There's a good bar argument about who got the better guy. 

Offerdahl now joins only 2 other linebackers enshrined on the Dolphin's Honor Roll,  Nick Bouniconti and Zach Thomas.  That's pretty damn good company.  And well deserved of Offerdahl.

Injuries cut his career short otherwise he might be heading to Canton.

I am sure he will be joined by many other enshrinees and his former teammates and coaches on the field for the ceremony. 

Now give me a minute here:  when I first saw our schedule, I figured we would be 2-3 after the first 5 games and then I thought we would split the next two by beating Buffalo and losing to New England, which would put us at 3-4. 

Sound familiar, 3-4.

So why are we all panicking...Including Me!!

This is where I thought we would be anyway, 3-4.

So I am gonna make a promise to John Offerdahl.  For the next 5 hours ( it is currently 3:40 PM EST ),  I am gonna be "Dolphin Tough"!

That's right, "Dolphin Tough".  We got "Jersey Strong" going on up here since Hurricane Sandy and since we got some storms brewing in Miami with, well, you know.....

So let's all be "Dolphin Tough" tonight and put all this bullshit on the side, raise a cheer or toast or both to John Offerdahl for all he has meant to our franchise and support this new batch of players wearing OUR COLORS!

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971 

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Woot he deserves it. Speaking of Linebackers anyone remember Bryan Cox trying to fight the whole team for a cheap shot on Pete Stoyanovich? Was that the Bengals? Fins Up nothing to lose tonight might as well play rough!




Yes...was certainly the Bengals!
Pre-Season at that, I think!!
Remember that like it was yesterday!


Cox was a beast! A backwards helmut wearing beast!