Monday, October 28, 2013

I protest! That was theft at the highest level...

Dear NFL,

Your officials collectively have stolen our victory over the New England Patriots.   I have seen bad calls now go against the Miami Dolphins for 25 years in excess of one standard deviation from the mean based on league averages of blown calls.  

I am coming over to the side of the conspiracists who have stated for many years that Miami's Perfect Season has caused a hatred of our franchise by the North Eastern Media that is second to none - as if Miami was unworthy of perfection because they were a young franchise at the time.

We can beat other teams in a fair fight, but Sunday last was an obvious official decision to steal that game...

Thank you NFL for your fair and impartial officiating.  It is nice to know that everyone plays by the same rules.


As a Florida State alum, I must tell all of the Canes fans now.   FSU WILL run the score up on you because it will matter when the final BCS poll is released.   Florida ST must kill you to have any chance at Alabama.   I am hoping you win every other game (and stay highly ranked, so that when FSU plays UM in the ACC Championship Game, the Seminoles will get more BCS points.

I am not a UM hater!   I want you to beat everyone else.    But, FSU is my school - and is where my loyalties reside.
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I would say this is the most suspect game I have ever seen done. I can understand a missed call here and there. But making calls on things that did not happen or you can't see? Here is the crew

Referee Walt Anderson
Umpire Jeff Rice
Head Linesman Steve Selljes
Field Judge Buddy Horton
Back Judge Billy Smith
Side Judge Michael Banks
Line Judge Byron Boston

Interestingly most of these guys did the New England- Buffalo game and Buffalo was flagged more than New England in that game as well.